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Element Last Wed


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I'm surprised there was no review for this!

Although i left fairly early, i really enjoyed the cheap drinks and the company i was with. All the dj's i heard that night were bang on, and as always the music was top notch. Cant wait untill next week. I'm looking forward to it:)
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Last Wednesday was my first time out to Element ever. It was a nice night out, I found the barstaff to be quite friendly (possibly because of the tips). The opening set left the greatest impression on me, really nice tracks and quite different from what I'm used to. In terms of the club itself I was expecting something a little larger, but it lead to a more intimate feel. My highlight was pitching the idea for the charity party to Evan G and Jelo and getting a good response (hopefully pans out).



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It was a crazy night. Started off a little slower than usual, but by 1:00 the dance floor was packed. I left after 2:00 and there was still a solid group of at least 50 peeps tearing it up still. I think the reasowhy there were no reviews because most of the tribers were at Goldie :)

Can't wait until next week!


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as with every wednesday... a blast and the greatest way to split up a week

i really enjoyed coleridges set... was a tad more melodic i felt than he normally plays? or maybe i'm on crack ;) i liked it though!

seeya all again wednesday! :)

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