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Element and Gaetano


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Originally posted by vench

I'm still here. Although I just remembered that I made plans for Thursday night and completely forgot about them and I highly doubt that the person I'll be with will want to go see Gaetano.

oh well, maybe next time...

tell flippy nestore says what up!
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Technocratic Girl

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I am certainly hyped for tonight.
I really don't know what time Gaetano will play.
I know that he is returning from Miami with his booking agent around mid-day today...

I hope he doesn't play as late as he did at the Blue party at turbo in november!
Let's hope he is well rested after Miami and will be eager to play earlyish... 12 would be great! (I would guess 1)

See everyone there! :cool:
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This is the Parisio performance I wouldnt want to miss.. but have too.

Colds are hard to deal with and I dont know how well Ill be feeling on saturday for my gig.

Have fun everyone who is going!

dance something strange for me.


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Originally posted by d.code

dance something strange for me.



PS If anyone sees a BigBadBald dude in a purple terrycloth shirt, come and say "Hi!"

PPS It won't be me, but it'll be funny to see you introduce yourselves to someone who has no clue what's going on.

PPPS I'm lying, it will be me.

PPPPS I'm only bad sometimes.


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Yah Man...he brought it in thick and heavy from the start. To be honest though I enjoyed Jeremy's and Adam's set upstairs better.



bbb thanx for the bruski!
spazgurl - nice to meet you


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Great night at Element - a little too crowded, but worth it. DANCING!!!

Derek - nice to meet you too - I haven't listened to your CD yet - I was on the bus all psyched & my F&^*king batteries went dead after one track! Don't worry - i'm on the case - new batteries for the trip home!!

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Adam was playing a great set when I came in. Gaetano just pounded all night. Tweak the highs 'til the ears start to bleed. I'm thinking that the highs kill the hearing more than the thumpy bass does.
Good night though.
Good luck with the batteries SpazGirl -- Derek's CD is a nice one!