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Electro/fidget house- Dj Andy Holtz - Discombobulated House


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Discombobulated House Mixed By Dj Andy Holtz

33 Tracks of the finest electro and fidget around

Track listing

01) Get Up, Yeah! - HiJack . House Of Stank
02) I Am - Kelevra Remix, Morne Monroe
03) Spam Javelin , Stupid Fresh
04) Twist - Original Mix, Shab Ruffcut
05) Keep It Real - Original Mix, HiJack
06) Bonkers -Wobbly Sluts Bonking The Bass Remix, Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden
07) If You Want It - Young Nutz, Break The Box, Andy Mcallister
08) Turn Out the Intro, Will Bailey & Mikey Hook
09) I'm Not Your Toy - Jack Beats Remix, La Roux
10) Something On Your Mind feat. Abigail Bailey - Switch Remix, M.Y.N.C. Project
11) Dancin - Fuzzy Hair Remix, Erick Morillo, Harry Choo Choo (Loop)
12) Renagade Fidget, Renagade Fidget
13) What It's About - Breakdown Mix, MC Flipside, A-Divizion
14) Satisfaction - WoNK vs Filthy Rehab Remix, Benny Benassi
15) Pon De Floor -Laidback Luke Remix, Diplo (Loop)
16) Harder Better Faster Stronger - ROFLCOPS Rmx, Daft Punk
17) Run For Cover - Original Mix, Mastiksoul (Loop)
18) Bassline Time - Eli Smith Remix, AC Slater
19) Sound Boy Killa - Original Mix, The Funk Out
20) Worry About it Later - Switch vs Bassweazal Remix, Futureheads
21) Da Club - Robb G Remix, Neon Stereo, Whiskey Pete
22) I Wish My Girlfriend Was As Filthy As This Track, Dirty Inc
23) Get Blahsted - Will Bailey Remix, Hatiras, MC Flipside
24) Failed War - JELO Remix, Soulfix, DJ Trim
25) Ctrl Ur Brain - Calvertron's Jedi Mind Trick Mix, Sawgood
26) Flick A Switch - DJ Dan & Mike Balance Mix, The Loops Of Fury
27) Shake It - WoNK Mix, Skinny
28) Nuttahz - Young Nutz remix, Matt B
29) One Time 4 The DJ - Lil Al Blades Mix, Tony Faline
30) Your Love Is Electric - Alex Kidd's Dirty Remix, Cold Blank
31) Do One - Original Mix, Rack n Ruin
32) Body Body - Original Mix, Audius
33) Dirt Diver - Original Mix, Klaus Hill