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Electricity supply strained to limit

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Electricity supply strained to limit
Generators at capacity, power being imported to keep the heat on


The supply of electricity is strained to the limit and the province's generators are working overtime as the GTA faces the coldest day of the year today, with temperatures at minus 20C but at minus 40C with the wind chill.

The energy demand is so high that the company that runs the power grid, the Independent Electricity Market Operator, expects the winter consumption record to be topped tonight.

The IMO is asking people to cut back on power by turning off some of the lights in their homes and to turn down their thermostats at least one degree.

"We set a winter peak record yesterday of 24,528 megawatts across the province and we're expecting to break that record today," said Terry Young of the IMO.

"We're seeing demand forecast today of 24,900 megawatts," he added.

The highest consumption record was the 25,414 megawatts of power used during a heat wave in August, 2002.

No blackouts are expected in the province today, however, because all generators are up and running and power is being imported from Michigan and New York, Young said.

"If we had a situation (where) we lost a lot of generating capability, there would be a danger of blackouts," he said.

"When you see this kind of demand, there's obviously a strain on the system," said Young. "If you can conserve, it would help reduce that strain."

Meanwhile, Direct Energy says it received more than 25,800 furnace service calls in the last week, mostly in the Toronto area.

"That's a record for us," said spokesperson Wendy Stanley. "Normally we get about 20,000 calls, so it's up about 20 per cent."

The average furnace comes on six times an hour, but when you get a prolonged cold snap like this one, "mechanical units under excess strain won't respond as they normally would."

Dead batteries continue to be the No. 1 problem for people calling the Canadian Automobile Association.

Toronto's Hostel Services has extended the second extreme cold weather alert of the winter season to help get homeless people in from the cold. The current alert, which began on Tuesday, has now been extended to include tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.

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Originally posted by The Tesseract
How is there a problem when everyone uses natural gas heating now?



how is reducing our thermostats going to help us conserve electricity?

smells fishy to me ...
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