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electric paradise


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I've never had so much fun or danced soo hard before in my life!

Mark Oliver was pretty good in the kool haus, but the New Deal rocked...fantabulous! They sounded great and seemed really into it. They played stuff from their albums and improvised a bit. There was WAY too many people in the guverment though, my friend ripped her dress trying to get throught the crowd, there was no room to move/dance all you could really do was jump up and down in one spot, unless you were on of the lucky ones who amazingly made it over to the corners of the guverment where there was a bit of space. But space or no space seeing the new deal was worth it!


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I had a great time even though I was on the floor working. It was way too packed in the GUV though, I didn't even try to sell in there. I stayed in the Kool Haus all night playing the role of shooter boy/go-go dancer in my electric blue heroin shiek mask. Mark Oliver played a wikkid set, I was thoroughly impressed. It was a lot of really good Trance circa 1999 - 2000, stuff like Madagascar! and he played all the really good new shit that he plays every Saturday. All in all it was a good night.


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My best new year's ever

especially since mark played like 6 of my requests which brought a smile to my face
of course, hearing xpander was all i needed.
i liked having him in the Kool Haus. More room, nice decor, less sketchy floor sitter people to trip over.
Fun, friends and music. It was lurvely!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by FunK_DoCta:
I stayed in the Kool Haus all night playing the role of shooter boy/go-go dancer in my electric blue heroin shiek mask.</font>
Oh..oh... I saw you! didn't know you were on the tribe board.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by FunK_DoCta:
What did you request Mandapanda? Let's see if we have similar taste.</font>
evolution - crocodile man
sasha - xpander
sander kleinenberg - my lexicon
ballroom - passenger
james holden - one for you
space manoeuvres - stage one

by the way, you are in one of my pictures with me!!!!


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You have great taste in music Mandapanda! And you will have to post that pic for me k?

I think that true partiers like us should take over the Guvernment and make it what it should be. It is a beautiful club with so much potential - the crowd it attracts just suckd sometimes. Where would you rather have your party home? At the number one club in North America or at some dirty hole in the ground??? &lt;&lt;Which is what most Toronto partiers prefer - is it that underground feel that makes you people happy?? Well just a thought.


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I Like #1 Clubs and holes in the ground which is why I went from the Guv. to the Comfort Zone for the best of both worlds

The only bad part about the Guv was trying to get between the rooms early in the evening. So many assholes pushing to go nowhere, though I did make some cute new (close, he,he ) friends during the shoving.

Marks set was great ( that boy needs more props ) but i'm not really into the big trance #'s these days. I liked being in the warehouse 'cause there was lots of room.

At the other end of the ritz scale I went to the Zone, long line up but it wasn't too crowded inside. I arrived at about 8am and left at about 4pm ( coat check was full though, BOO !! ), the music was SWEET the whole time. Every corner of the room was shaking, and the whole thing took me off to back in the day.

Great crowd for crowd watching and it was easy to meet people, though there were definately some people there I wouldn't want to get to know

I love the element of danger !

I haven't danced so hard in a while props to ADDY who i've never caught before and to all the usual suspects. Best music i've heard in a long time. I planed on going back later in the evening but after almost 30hrs zzzzzzzz was the order of the day.

All in all 2002 got of to a good start !