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Electric Island


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After being extremely disappointed by the first event on the May 24 Monday, I went back this past Monday and was thoroughly impressed with all the improvements implemented. No lines for anything, great food options, cold drinks in minutes, a hilarious rock n roll bartender wearing a cut-off mermaid shirt, perfect weather, a super friendly crowd and great music. So happy I made the decision to go.

Fun set by Green Velvet and Hot Since 82 was amazing. Really loved all the live vocals too - I think it was Fritz (anyone?) and of course GV did his thing.

Very much looking forward to the Labour Day party now. Hope they bring in someone like Adam Beyer or Loco Dice but that is jus me.

Anyone else check this out?
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I loved Electric Island August edition with Green Velvet! House music under the trees as the sun goes down with the best view of the Toronto city skyline you can get is hard to beat.

A well organized event with great sound and a fantastic vibe.

Nice seeing lots of familiar faces! It had a small tight vibe, but when I look at the pictures, there sure was a lot of people there.




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Thanks Alex :) do you have any more pictures?

I just focused on big sweeping crowd shots that day. I did not shoot individual people (maybe a couple of shots which I will post here). I have some more variations of the crowd shots with different lighting settings. They are similar but different. If you want larger file sizes for promo use I can send them to you if you like. Just pop me a PM.
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Any reviews? I thought it might rain so decided to pass (not to mention wiped out from previous parties) but the weather turned out great. How was it?


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Amazing. First time I've made it out to Electric Island and I was so impressed. Getting on the ferry was easy. City of Toronto staff were extremely friendly. Short walk to the site. Getting in was quick and painless. Amazing area with great shade. Sound was great. Lineup perfectly programmed. So many great smiling people. Met a whole bunch of randoms which was cool. Never much of a wait to get a drink. Great Food trucks.

Highlight for me was Martinez Brothers/Henrick/DJ Tennis.

Also got there early enough for Jeff Buttons set who laid down the early deepness.

Blissful day.