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Electric Island @ Olympic Island


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May 20th - Victoria Day!

Platform and Embrace throwing a dance party on the Island!

Headliner is Seth Troxler.

Google "Electric Island" for details, tix are like $20 available at all the usual suspects

I have not heard of Seth Troxler before, but dancing on the island is alllllllright by me. Stoked.
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dig this

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Definitely looking forward to this. Seth isn't my fave, but he would compliment a nice sunny day on the island quite nicely.


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can't wait!

looking forward to what is sure to be a defining aspect of summers in Toronto for years to come!


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just picked up my ticket @ rotate this, they still have quite a few left. shaping up to be a solid long weekend baconpantechnics1200
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Nothing wrong with celebrating Canada Day with a little Audiofly, Guy Gerber and The Man Like. :D