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Electric Island - Maya Jane Coles


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The good:

Maya Jane Coles killllllled it. One of the most enjoyable house sets for me in years. I say that as someone who isn't super into most kinds of house music but I really dug her set and it had me dancing hard. Pretty decent variety, lots of nice subtle moments. I only really knew Maya from her Essential Mix a few years ago which I loved, first time seeing her and I wasn't disappointed.

It also appears that Seth Troxler (the headliner for yesterday flopped) so when I left at around 10:30 Maya was still playing, she likely played a 3 hour set to close the night as she started around 8.

Bob Moses and My Favorite Robot was alright. Kind of dug the live guitar / vocal element to My Favorite Robot.

Olivia Chow was in attendance for the event and Embrace let her speak on stage for a minute between sets. Said some nice things about the whole electronic music scene in Toronto. Good on Embrace/Platform for letting her talk and giving her a nice introduction.

Food vendors were decent, sound was decent, beers were not priced insane.

The bad:

Embrace. They book a lot of acts I love but some of the ways they handle events just seem to piss me off to no end. No umbrellas allowed in the event on a day that had rain in the forecast. What is the harm in having an umbrella? two weeks ago it rained all day at Time Festival (another Embrace event) and they banned umbrellas initially and then an hour later when the rain wouldn't stop - they changed their minds and allowed them and nobody FOUGHT with the umbrellas. They are not a security concern. The no umbrellas thing wasn't listed on the Electric Island website but they only mentioned it on a posting on the Facebook event day-of. They never posted timeslots. They wouldn't even allow bike lights inside so if you biked to the event you had to ditch those in a locker. I asked them if the lockers would be accessible to people once they entered the event, they said yes and then of course they were outside the event and no re-entry was allowed. So if you brought in a blanket to the event or a backpack you were stuck with it all day. It's just the little annoyances that can add up. Is it really so much to tell people clearly exactly what is allowed in / not allowed well in advance, time slots, that there are lockers but they are OUTSIDE the venue and not accessible once you have entered and let people know the slots a day before the event. Is that such an imposition to the paying customers who keep your company in existance?
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The TIME umbrella fiasco pissed me off as well. I was forced to surrender two umbrellas, then 30 minutes later they decided to allow umbrellas. When I went back to the front gate to pick mine up, they didn't have them. They had taken all of the confiscated umbrellas, put them into a big pile inside the gate, and let people take them, free for all.

I asked the security team what to do, they basically said to go F myself.

Thanks guys.