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Electric Indigo @ Element


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Dont you love it when your having a slow chilling night- and then all of a sudden end up at a nice tight little jam full of nice people and some wickedly pounding techno and electro?

Electric Indigo played a wicked set. She mixed through Techno - Electro- House and back again. The crowd was rather small- but was fuckin' havin' it. Girls djing techno and electro = rawr. I definatly had a wicked time- and its amazing to have to have a good techno weekly in this city that actually gets good turn outs.

I know this DJ was good because she brought out some wierd dancing moves that I have never done before and was rather impressed by them.

Cheers to all the TBK that I ran into!


Adam Duke

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^^^ You were missed, Chris!

AMAZING night. Kudos to the Mission posse for setting this one up.




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I was totally thinking about hitting this
but ended up in the same state as BBB.