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Ektoplazm & Afterglow: Midnight Sun


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What a great party, easily best party of 2003 thus far. A really good job on decor, lighting, music, and atmosphere.



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You beat me to it, twitch! Sorry I didn't get to say Hi properly Twitch-and to all the other people I didn't get to talk to long enough-Hi & thanks for coming!

What a great shindig! Even though we had some miscommunicaton & the sound only cut out once, I think it's a great example of what a caring, artistic group of people can do!

Too much to write about now- must crash!
*thanks Scott & Ra!!!

Littlest Hobo

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What can I say? I gave 'er 'til the giving got gone.

Then I bounced a ruffian and went home.

Everything was top-notch. Can't wait for next one!!!!


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it was lovely. except for the fact that i slammed my hand in a door last night and now cannot type very well since i am in immense pain!

but a good time nonetheless :)

Cheap Ego

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oh man..

the local psy scene really needed something like this - you could tell just by the look of pure pleasure on just about everyone's face. And there were alot of faces there! Too many goooood times.

Pete, thank you for playing Schaukenschtuhl!!! That made my night :)

J&V - thanks for the rescue ;)

Tanks muchly Scott and Ra, you guys rock the cashbar

perhaps I will write more later,
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Super party, the decor was amazing, great job on that! Good friends, good music, oh and beer ... a successful night indeed.


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Originally posted by cosmiK-Cat
You beat me to it, twitch! Sorry I didn't get to say Hi properly Twitch

:p , and no worries next time.

Now that I got some sleep,.. this party was definately like a blast from the past, a load of people that I haven't seen in a long time. Everything from free fruit, and Twix. The visuals were intense, I think it was 3 lazers (+ one in the doorway to the coat check) at some points it was Mission Impossible to try and get out of their way. :D Projection screens and art everywhere, I liked the molecules on the ceiling, lotsa details.
And the crowd was all for it, which I haven't seen for a long time.

Hope to see some more parties from the crew, and thanks.
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Wicked! (print that). ;)

Congratulations Scott & Rashelle on an awesome event. Though the music isn't my thing, I had a great time. It was quite evident that there were loads of attendees who couldn't get enough of the music. :)

The attention you guys paid to decorating and making people feel comfortable was amazing... it's a rarity to see promoters put that level of effort into such things. Awesome!

When I left around 12:30 or so the place was filling up very nicely.



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Midnight Sun

GREAT PARTY! I had a *really* good time despite being totally exhausted. Good venue, nice deco, satori vs. subsonic were faaaaaaaaantastic.

Good job ra and scott :D


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I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of the party. The venue was large and provided ample room for the lasers to show their stuff (-- did I mention that I love lasers? :)). The ElMo looked very nice, clean and classy. Probably had something to do with it being used by the National Ballet.

Great turn-out ... a very friendly and enthusiastic crowd right from early in the night. I had no trouble accessing the bar or the dancefloor, and I did a lot of BOTH. Woo Woo!

The music was top-notch, and precisely the style of psy-trance that I enjoy. All of the DJs put on an excellent show and the slight "pause" in the music did not seem to phase anyone.

Kudos to Kodos, and everyone else involved in throwing this event! Good job!


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Circumstances conspired to prevent me from going but I'm glad the event went well. sounds like we should be taking pointers from you guys at next invasion :)

Where's my blacklight! :D


Subsonic Chronic

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great night!

I had high expectations going in to this one and wasn't dissapointed in the slightest. That had to be the best crowd I've played for in a long time, and it was a true pleasure to get behind the decks with the veteran Satori.

There was some miscommunication between myself and Scott as far as what equipment was required, which is what led to the battle only being on two decks instead of four. My apologies for that one, although the crowd didn't seem to mind and I still had an incredible time.

Kinetix was playing quite a bit harder than I expected, which was a nice surprise and got the crowd going early on. The El Mocambo looked fantastic, it was evident that a lot of hard work went into the deco. The crowd was top notch, really into the music and it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves thouroughly. I hadn't had a good dose of full-on "goa" trance in a long time and Basilisk (aka Kodos) fed that hunger nicely as the night progressed.

I simply can't say enough good things about this party. I'm sure that it will go down as one of the year's best, and I can't wait for the next one! (There will be a next one, right? ;) )

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wow!!! what a great party...(thanks ra & scott!!!)...i had soooo much fun & everywhere i looked people were smiling like they couldn't believe the party was real (^_^)

the elmo was transformed into a magical spring wonderland... so many of my favourite people were there. so much of my favourite music was played (thank you!!!) i danced until my feet gave out, & then i danced some more...\(^o\)(/o^)/