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EIGHT-TRACKS :: Our New 12" House Label

q burns

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Atnarko and I finally are getting this label off the ground. It's called EIGHT-TRACKS. We're exclusively distributed via the friendly folks at Agave Records. Our first release is out mid-June. It's by Cosmic Groove Transmission and features remixes by Robbie Hardkiss and myself, Mr. Q-Burns Abstract Message.

While we finish our official web site, please check out the EIGHT-TRACKS MySpace page. Oodles of info on what we have in mind can be found there. You can also listen to the entire first 12" release in the player. Do it: http://www.myspace.com/eighttracks

Get in touch if you buy for a record shop/write reviews for a magazine/play tunes on the radio/or anything else that might help us out.

We've got quite a few things planned and on the way. Stay tuned.

Also, Primal Records just got some advance 'promo' 12" copies of 8TR-001 today ... they are for sale for a limited time. You know the deal : once they are sold out there won't be any restocks until the offical release in a month or so. Be the first on your block with some EIGHT-TRACKS in your crate, yeah.

Click Here

Have a good day, one and all.

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