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Effin' Rogers! Why I oughtta!


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I started a thread earlier but it got bumped so far back that no one read it after 10 posts...

I can't download my freakin' email. It's been 3 days now.

Okay, here's the error message I'm getting:
"<Dominant>, Logging into POP server, PASS [2:45:31 AM]
There has been an error transferring your mail. I said: PASS <shhhh! Don't tell anyone.> and then the POP server [loopdokter@rogers.com@pop.bloor.is.net.cable.rogers.com]said: ERR pop operation is not allowed for this user."

I've had the exact same error in the past...


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The server might of been down.

If not, and you're using Outlook...

user should be: "blah@rogers.com"
incoming mail server: pop
outgoing mail server: smtp

And that works fine for me.



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try pop.broadband.rogers.com and smtp.broadband.rogers.com for your incoming and outgoing mail