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Ectomorph In Toronto

Destro Sanchez

TRIBE Member
march 16 solvent, lowfish, and ectomorph will be at club 56 playing records as part of a ghostly international compilation release party.

^just got this via the electro list.

unfort. it's on the same night as Pantytec :(

decisions decisions.

club 56 is somewhere in Kensington Market.

I don't think it's ectomorph playing live, rather BMG from ectomorph spinnin records.

And if you don't know solvent and lowfish by now you better go back to school. :p



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Sheeeit! I was just listening to a CD comprised of mostly Solvent and Lowfish tracks I put together. I love their shit..

I think I'll be hitting this up.


Although a live set would be good, too.