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Eco Challenge on TV at 8pm - Discovery Channel


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Who else watches this! It's way more survivor than Survivor and it's even done by the same guy! I've been watching Eco Challenge for 4-5 years now at it still fascinates me! One day I would love to participate.

If anybody feels likes company to watch this gimme a PM or ICQ or page me if you know my number.

Show times
Sunday 21st - 8pm
Monday - 9:30pm
Tuesday - 9:30pm
Wednesday - 9:30 pm
Thursday - 9pm

I wish they made the television series longer!

Other favourites? Paris to Dakar and Raid the North.



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I like to watch this, but unfortunately I cant this year, I have to work at 3:30 in the morning and I have to be in bed.

Do they re-run it at other times during the day?


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this show fascinates me too! i've been watching for a couple of years now...

however, this year i live with a boyfriend who is monopolizing the tv for ALL the hockey/basketball playoffs!!:D



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Go team PureNZ!

New Zealand is a fuckin harsh place!! I hope they win I'm sick of Americans winning all the time.

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