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Eclipse Summer Festival ☾☼☽ Synchronicity 2014 ☼ (New Moon weekend )- July 25-26-27-28


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Words cannot describe how magical this festival truly was, it began with an opening ceremony that really set the tone of the whole weekend.

What I love about this festival is that isn't just only getting wasted, but having a blast.

It's about meeting other people, there were tons of workshops back to back all weekend. It was truly an arts and music festival. Rejuvenating yourself, reconnecting with nature, amazing music.

As I begin to post this review, please bear with me, I am posting photos first and then I will do my best to articulate some sort of a review.

This is best viewed on desktop as these photos are absolutely massive.

Solar - Main stage setup during the day

Solar - another view point


Solar Beach



Part of the healing centre

Another part of the healing centre

Stellar - Chill out stage during the day

Lunar - during the day

[these photos were taken by Ju Li]
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