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Eclectic Groove DJs Live on CKLN 88.1FM in Toronto


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Season's greetings from Hot Jambalaya!

Last night I had a date with the radio but was also enjoying a Christmas Feast of regal proportions so I pre-recorded this mix to play on air. Like a kid in a candy store, I put together this mix with very little thought and just grabbed whatever I could find that was shiny and new! Enjoy!

gl.tch - In My Room - Dec.26, 2010

  1. aw Silk - Do It To The Music</li>
  2. Casio Social Club - Count Your Lucky Stars (The Diogenes club remix)
  3. Azari &amp; III - Into The Night
  4. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Monorail
  5. Mike Mareen - Dancin' In The Dark (galactica remix)
  6. Treasure Fingers - Cross the Dancefloor (Chromeo RMX)
  7. Romanthony - Curious (Treasure Fingers remix - Roman's extended edit)
  8. Lisa Realeyez – Get Some More Bounce Girl
  9. Stanton Warriors feat Rodney P. - Dip & Get Low
  10. Terror Tone - Die For You
  11. Excel - Destination
  12. MicroControlUnit - Major Malfunction (Cryogenetic Remix)
  13. Doc Nasty - Street Sweeper
  14. DJ Technician - My Beat Is A Monster
  15. Nick Wicked - BeatKeeper
  16. The Soft Pink Truth - Big Booty Bitches
  17. DJ Nasty – Deep Throat
  18. DJ Assault - Dick and Balls (DJ Stud400 re-edit @ 140)
  19. Miss Kittin - Requiem for A Hit
  20. Syntonics - Work Dat Body (Sonic 86 remix)
  21. Young Nutz vs Escobar &amp; Vito - The Raver (Kraymer remix)
  22. Boltan - Nine To Five (Rico Tubbs Speed Garage remix)
  23. Micro Prophet - Steel Your Soul
  24. Terror Tone - Frog Stomp (MindTransit House 2 Hardcore remix)
  25. Vitalic - Terminateur Benelux
  26. Alter Ego - Fuckingham Palace
  27. Dirty Princess - Jugar al Reves (Roman Flugel mix)
  28. Avenue D - Too Drunk To Fuck
  29. DJ Assault - Yo Relatives
  30. DJ Nasty - Malfunction
  31. 12 Gauge – Donkey Butt (Syntonics RMX)
  32. </ol>
Oh, a couple of items worth mentioning:

Next show, Jan.29 I'm pleased to have local bass heavy beat maker <a href="http://soundcloud.com/terror-tone/" target="_blank">Terror Tone</a> in the studio for a mix session.

Finally, I'm super stoked to assume my DJ STUD400 alias for our next club night:

<a href="http://hotjambalaya.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/nutbusters_final_web2-1.jpg"></a><a href="http://hotjambalaya.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/nutbusters_final_web2-11.jpg"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-888" title="nutbusters_Final_web2 (1)" src="http://hotjambalaya.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/nutbusters_final_web2-11.jpg" alt="" width="473" height="720" /></a>
Limited capacity, get your tix in advance to avoid disappointment!

Thanks for your support this past year. Take care, and see you in the new year!
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Dec.26, 2010

Season’s greetings from Hot Jambalaya!


Last night I had a date with the radio but was also enjoying a Christmas Feast of regal proportions so I pre-recorded this mix to play on air. Like a kid in a candy store, I put together this mix with very little thought and just grabbed whatever I could find that was shiny and new! Enjoy!

gl.tch – In My Room – Dec.26, 2010

Raw Silk – Do It To The Music
Casio Social Club – Count Your Lucky Stars (The Diogenes club remix)
Azari & III – Into The Night
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Monorail
Mike Mareen – Dancin’ In The Dark (galactica remix)
Treasure Fingers – Cross the Dancefloor (Chromeo RMX)
Romanthony – Curious (Treasure Fingers remix – Roman’s extended edit)
Lisa Realeyez – Get Some More Bounce Girl
Stanton Warriors feat Rodney P. – Dip & Get Low
Terror Tone – Die For You
Excel – Destination
MicroControlUnit – Major Malfunction (Cryogenetic Remix)
Doc Nasty – Street Sweeper
DJ Technician – My Beat Is A Monster
Nick Wicked – BeatKeeper
The Soft Pink Truth – Big Booty Bitches
DJ Nasty – Deep Throat
DJ Assault – Dick and Balls (DJ Stud400 re-edit @ 140)
Miss Kittin – Requiem for A Hit
Syntonics – Work Dat Body (Sonic 86 remix)
Young Nutz vs Escobar & Vito – The Raver (Kraymer remix)
Boltan – Nine To Five (Rico Tubbs Speed Garage remix)
Micro Prophet – Steel Your Soul
Terror Tone – Frog Stomp (MindTransit House 2 Hardcore remix)
Vitalic – Terminateur Benelux
Alter Ego – Fuckingham Palace
Dirty Princess – Jugar al Reves (Roman Flugel mix)
Avenue D – Too Drunk To Fuck
DJ Assault – Yo Relatives
DJ Nasty – Malfunction
12 Gauge – Donkey Butt (Syntonics RMX)

Next show, Jan.29 I’m pleased to have local bass heavy beat maker Terror Tone in the studio for a mix session.


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Jan.28, 2011

Apologies for the delay in getting this one posted up. The recent drama surrounding CKLN has been all-consuming....also the quality is poor on this one - sorry the gear at the station is really old and this time around opted not to work properly. Hopefully, next month's show will turn out better!


Thanks to Splattermonkey for taking this photo in front of the parking garage! I gapped on it in the studio…

Local Bass-maker, Terror Tone, was on the show this month and he ripped it up proper!

He took the first hour and tore through a great selection of tunes; we even got to hear a couple of his forthcoming productions!

In case you didn’t know, now ya do:

“Terror Tone aka Luke D is a producer based out of Toronto, Canada, his various remixes and original productions have received critical acclaim, making several recommended lists on such retailers such as Juno Download (5 times), Mixmag Online and others. Luke’s productions cross genres frequently, he has made everything from Dubstep, Electro, Uk Funky to Breakbeats… Sitting at the computer for hours with his essentials: Cubase, multiple synths, and loads of coffee – Terror Tone churns out unparalleled original beats at a pace that would intimidate most. From his productions, it’s clear that he doesn’t hold back – but instead indulges in every parameter available. His dedication to music is unrivaled: a true slave to his passion.”


Terror Tone

Music (Soundcloud)
Terror Tone's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Terror Tone (TTbeats) on Twitter

Terror Tone & gl.tch – In My Room – Jan.30,2011

Kaoma – Lambada (Terror Tone Remix) (Dub) *EXCLUSIVE*
DJ Zinc ft.Benga and Sweetie Irie – Number 1 Girls
Lucy Lo – Blair Beat (Terror Tone RMX)
Brakemonster – New Balance (Terror Tone RMX)
DJ Zinc – Nexx
Sub Focus – Move Higher
Marvul – Quaark (Terror Tone RMX)
Gooffee – Two is Better Than One (Terror Tone RMX) (Dub)
L-Vis 1990 – Forever You ft. Shadz French Fries – Senta (Bambounou RMX)
Venom & Damage – Deeper (Doc Daneeka RMX)
Mighty Dub Katz – Magic Carpet Ride (Keith and Supabeatz RMX)
Avicii and Sebastien Drums – My Feelings for You
Nom De Strip – Klap The Squatters ft. MC Dutch Courage – Girls Love Bass (Dale Castell RMX)
Sandro Silva – Hands High
Crookers – Cooler Couleur ft Yelle (AC Slater RMX)
Drop the Lime – Sex Sax (Bart B More RMX)
Terror Tone ft. Dick Diamonds – Rinse Out
Deekline & Dustin Hulton feat. Sporty-O – Apple Bottom
Sporty-O – Guestlist (Terror Tone Breakbeat RMX)
VIP, The Angry Kids, Bob Marley, Love Assassins – Mr.Brown (Agent X RMX)
Terror Tone – Mark of the Demon (Forthcoming) *EXCLUSIVE*
Magnetic Man – I Need Air (ft. Angela Hunte)
Don Diablo feat. Dragonette – Animale (Datsik Remix)
Nine Inch Nails – The Beginning Of The End (TTPW Remix)
Emalkay – When I Look at You
Datsik & Flux Pavillion – Game Over
We Bang – Smash The Floor
Netsky – Missing You
Magnetic Man – The Cyberman
Feed Me – Cloudburn

Since he was using Traktor and I use Serato, we had to switch the setup around between the mixes. Luckily, Splattermonkey happened to drop by the station and was able to run the interview for me while I fiddled and fussed about with wires!

DJ Defkline & Red Polo – We Got The Funk
Oh Snap!! -Bill Cosby Sweater (Kazey & Bulldog RMX)
J-Break Ft. Divine Biaque & ZKI – Critics
Doc Nasty – Street Sweeper
Blackmass Plastics – This Is A Rave
Crux & Brooklyn Zoo vs. Human Resource – Dominator (AC Slater RMX)
Mindtransit – Rave Da Roof
Christian Michaels – I am
Drexciya – You Don’t Know
Aux 88 – Let It Ride
Hydraulix – Hydroz Have Landed
Electronome – Bass Commander
Cryogenetic ft. Syntonics – In the Next Life
Trinity Hi-Fi – Never Let U Go

Unfortunately, this might be my last ever In My Room. On Friday, Jan.28th the CRTC issued a ruling to revoke CKLN’s broadcasting licence. This came as a surprise to many here at the station and although we are working on an appeal, we have been ordered to cease broadcasting on Feb.12, 2011.

So, best case scenario: we’re on hiatus for a little bit. Worst case: that’s it.

In the meantime,

If you care about independent community radio in Toronto and want to help us stay on the air, please take a moment to sign our online petition: CKLN must remain on the airwaves! Petition

This petition may make the CRTC reconsider their decision.

However, we can’t put all of our faith in this effort alone. We have also started a letter writing campaign to let solicit support from our MPs. Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton has already offered his support!

You can keep up to date on our struggle at CKLN 88.1FM | News


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Last month I was very happy to have Mr. Tunes on the program. He's the real deal: DJ, Producer, and Technician. His passion for music is obvious and infectious but in case you've never heard of the man....

Mr. Tunes (Elliott Fienberg) plays a heady blend of house, world fusion, and a bit of dubstep. He's released music on labels such as Crammed Disc, DNH Records, and his own Auditory Music. This year, Tunes has been busy working on the El Niño project, which is a combination of podcasts and a monthly event at Rasputin Vodka Bar.

Find out more at Mr. Tunes | Elliott Fienberg | Toronto Music Guy

Mr. Tunes - Live on In My Room CKLN88.1FM - Feb.27, 2011


Mr. Tunes - Our Vibe
Mr. Tunes - Pebbles In The Sky
Jazzanova - I Can See (Mr. Tunes Remix)
The Martin Brothers - Dum (Mr. Tunes' 2nd Rinse)
Tasc - Live From The Intanet (Mr. Tunes Remix)
Mr. Tunes - DWNTWN
Mr. Tunes - Froosh (Noodlebaum Remix)
First Choice - The Player (Mr. Tunes Remix)
Mr. Tunes - Akogo
Bela Fleck -Ah Nidya (Mr. Tunes Remix)
Mr. Tunes - The Sirens of Peace
Kreon - Tromarasou
Umek - Novi Sad
Julian Bashmore - Battle For Middle You
Rah Band - Clouds Across The Moon(Neuroxyde & Aki Bergen Remix)
Headhunter - Chasing Dragons
Clicks & Whistles - When I Feel
Seiji - More Of You
Sully - Black Projects
Mr. Tunes - Want/Need
Opolopo - Reversed feat. Blacktop & Amalia


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Mar.27, 2011


A couple of weeks back I was lucky to have Rich Hope, of the Bounce crew, as the featured guest on In My Room. Rich Hope has been DJing for over a decade now, spinning deep and dubby house music in Toronto. Over the years Rich has performed alongside international acts like JT Donaldson, Sonny Fodera, Pezzner, Fred Everything, and LawnChair Generals to name a few.

We took a little break in the middle to do an interview and unfortunately the levels were a bit off so I apologize for the muddiness. Otherwise, it's gold.

Listen up:

Rich Hope - Live on In My Room CKLN 88.1FM - Mar.27, 2011


Paul Simon - Diamonds on the soles of her shoes (Todd Terje Edit)
Gene Siewing - Say Goodbye
William Devaughn - Be Thankful for what got (Onur Engin Edit)
Burnt Island Casuals - Truth and Temptation
E-Town Sound Machine - More Love
Francis Inferno Orchestra - Rush Back
Tiger & Woods - Gin Nation
Tornado Wallace - Tornado Never Dies
Ilija Rudman - See (Dropout Orchestra RMX)
Gizelle Smith - June
Jordan Peak - Low Rider
Michael Sahagun - Goodbye Jack
Telonius - I Do
Young Edits - 25 years
Giovanni D'Amico - Funk Cool
Daniel Solar - Dirtiest Clean
Fred Everything - Found a Way
Danny Days - Fall away from Love
Dave Allison - Brooklyn's Groove
Inland Knights - A little bit more
Funk Mediterraneo - Red Balls
Miles Maeda - Dancing to the Beat
Tom Trago - Use Me Again
De La Soul - A Roller-skating jam named Saturday
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Preamble + In My Room Oct.5, 2011

After a few months on hiatus In My Room is back online!

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, CKLN’s broadcasting license was revoked by the CRTC back in January 2011 and although we were granted a stay for a few months, we ceased broadcasting on 88.1 FM – after almost 30 years – in April and left the Ryerson campus.

This past summer, CKLN was fortunate to partner with Regent Park Focus who opened their doors to provide a space for CKLN to continue to offer our diverse and challenging programming online as internet radio station. Along with the change in venue and broadcasting status, was a change in the programming schedule. Lucky me, In My Room will now be a WEEKLY online show broadcasting live online at CKLN 88.1FM | News on Wednesday nights from 10pm-12am!

As before, I’m continuing to curate In My Room as a 2 hour spot showcasing an eclectic array of “dance” music with a focus on the underground sound. In the coming weeks expect interviews and guest sets by local djs and producers, artist spotlights, label profiles and I’m excited to reach out and work with our new programmers and community partners.

If you’d like to submit a set /track, want to perform, or have something to say, let me know! After all, community radio works best when it works with the community.

Tune in Wednesday nights on CKLN 88.1FM | News from 10pm-12am for a live, dj set by yours truly.

Thanks for your continued support for independent, community radio.



This month on the show I’m going to be sorting and sifting through my all of my dark, creepy, aggro, Horrorshow, weird, and odd-ball dance music in order to create a shortlist of tracks for my next volume of Technoir. It’s hard for me to believe it’s been almost 2 years since the first volume (tempus fugit!) and I think I’m long over due for a second instalment!

Unlike the previous volume, you’re invited to participate in the creative process of putting together a studio dj mix. I want to hear from you. Love/Hate a track? Let me know via the comments or email over the next few weeks and I’ll make sure it gets into, or stays out of, Technoir Vol.2.

This episode of In My Room is a real grab bag of genres: Tech-House, Electro-House, Techno, Breaks/Electro

gl.tch – Live on In My Room – Oct.5,2011

Captain Commodore – Another Lonely Night
Jonah K – Inspector Evans (Iron Horse RMX)
Yello – Lost Again
Atrau Me – Factor City
Margot Meets the Melody Maker – Torch (Namito’s Torture RMX)
Eyerer & Chopstick – Electric (Williams RMX)
DIM – Airbus Baby
Acid Jacks – Crazy Legs (Extended Dance Mix)
Housemeister – Anti Gestern (Sonntag Mit Alex Mix)
Black Devil Disco Club – Timing, forget the timing
Justin Martin – Ghetto Train (Justin Martin Mix)
H-man – Manga (Oxia RMX)
Basteroid – Reaching Betriebstemperatur
Mark & John – Jagging (Ozgur Can RMX)
The Bulgarian ft. Spoek & Bukky – Jack it like a zombie (Santiago & Bushido RMX)
Crookers – Sveglia
Laidback Luke – Killing the kitchen
Reinhard Voigt – Trax Pt. 1 (B2)
Subhead – Subhead 013 (Fugo RMX)
John Acquaviva – Hunter Gatherer (Samuel L RMX)
Dynamik Bass System – Robotmachine
Larry McCormack – Escape
E.G. Oblique Graph – Fall into glass


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Oct.11, 2011


I took a break from the standard, continuous dj mix, format last week and for the first hour I played complete songs and talked a bit about them in between. I enjoyed playing some of my collection of vintage, experimental, darkwave, and industrial music before finishing off the set with a short dj mix.

As we draw nearer to Halloween, I'm whittling down my "virtual crate" to shape my Technoir Vol.2 dj set recording and I'm looking for your input to help me get there...what do you think of this week's tunes?

gl.tch - In My Room - Oct.11, 2011


End of Data - End of Data I
Dark Day - The Metal Benders
Gary Numan & Tubeway Army - Down in the Park
Marilyn Manson - Apple of Sodom
Nine Inch Nails - Screaming Slave
Bernard Szajner - The Big Scare
Arvid Tuba - The Seasons are sitting on chairs
Victrola - Maritime Tatami
Goblin - Waiting Death
Squadra Blanco - Night of the Illuminati
Play Paul & Leicos - Hell's Belles
Dirk Schneider - Watch Out Boy
Eric Sneo & Felix Krocher - Confusing
JF & Smokescream - Retox (Wendel Kos Remix)
Kiko - M25
Basteroid - Rabimmel

Tune into CKLN 88.1FM | News this Wednesday, Oct. 19 10pm-12am EST to hear the show live. And yes, you can call in!


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Oct.19, 2011

Apologies for the delay getting this up on the site. I've been out sick for nearly a week...ugh.


Last week I continued the Technoir Vol. 2 sorting process and started things off with a nice dollop of retro cheese before moving into darker territory.



I was a dj "possessed" and I think I covered a lot of musical ground on this mix. I've got one more "sorting" show planned before I go away into the studio to put together Technoir Vol.2 and I'm looking for your input!

Let me know what you'd like to hear, or not hear, in Vol.2 and I'll work my damnedest to make it happen.

gl.tch-In My Room-Oct.19,2011


Movie Trailer - Dracula Vs. Frankenstein (1971)
Whodini - Haunted House of Rock
Beat Box Boys - Yum Yum (Eat 'em up)
Nine Inch Nails - Down in it (Skin RMX)
Daily Fauli - Speed
Kano - Ikeya-Sekii (12'' mix)
Skatt Brothers - Walk the Night
Image - Hot Stuff (Long Version)
Hipnosis - End Title (Blade Runner)
Drumatix Six - 6AM
Drexciya - Living on the Edge
Jan Autobahn - Ventilator
Legowelt - Congo Zombie
Tony Senghore - Way Out
Justin Robertson - Have Mercy
Gustavo Ferrante & Mariano DC - Peaktime (Xpansul RMX)
Marco Bailey, Tom Hades - Extra Ordinary
Ruben Montesco - Slave of the Darkness
Vitalic - Terminateur Benelux
Scratch Massive - Seeing is Believing (David Carretta RMX)
Geneden - Android (Comic Strips RMX)
H+M - Morseton (Techno mix)
Matthew E - Way I Am
Steve Starks - TRO
Terror Tone - Shake (Barletta Secret Edit)
Michael Forshaw - Slightly Fucked
Frequenzberater - Remember Me
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For the final Technoir Vol.2 “sorting session” I started off with some moody, vocal tracks before moving into the tech-ier side of things, and closed, on a whim, with a ripping techno mashup of No More’s “Suicide Commando” from 1981. After a month of jocking the darker side of electronic music on the show and soliciting your feedback, I’m ready to hit the studio. In case you missed the live broadcast, take a listen to the set below and let me know what tracks should be in or out of the mix. I’m hoping to have the final product by the end of November at the latest.



Trent Reznor – Quake Theme
Detroit Granda Pubahs featuring Miss Kittin – After School Special
Audiobullys – Real Life
Crowdpleaser & St Plomb – Rather Be (Thomas Brinkmann Mix)
Dot Allison – Substance (Felix_da_Housecat_mix)
The Knife – Pass this on (Dahlback and Dahlback RMX)
Gino S & Snake Plissken – Red Moon (French Kisz RMX)
Kevin Gorman – DMX
Par Grindvik – Mnemonic
Hirn Tut Gut – Mensch Winstann
DJ Msoga – Space Orks Last Battle March
Remute – Mit Freundlichen Fuessen
Sven Vath, Roman Flugel & Jorn E Wuttke – Fire
Lenny Dee & Julian Liberator – Juggernaut
Frank Biazzi – Turbulence
Marco Bailey – Liquid Lab
Nathan Outhouse – (Marko Nastic RMX)
Groove Korp – A-System
No More – Suicide Commando

Apologies for the delay getting this post up, but I’ve been battling a flu for the past few days…
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A blast from the recent past - Sept.21, 2011


Back in September DJ Lee MacDonald stopped by the station to drop a funky, bouncy, bumpin’ house set. Some real gems in there. About an hour, or so, in he took a break and we chatted for a bit. Then, I hopped on the decks and went off in a completely different direction: classic electro and tough electro-breaks with some dark vocal tracks….a bit of dissonance, but hey, it was the week before my birthday and I felt like being a robot.

Lee MacDonald & gl.tch-Live on In My Room-Sep.21,2011

Motor City Drum Ensemble – L.O.V.E
Sound Diggers – Mans World
Bryan Jones – Pictures and Sounds
South of Roosevelt – Over Me
Mendo – Inocenia
Jeff Service – Spitshine Tommy
Bobby & Klein – G String
Miles Maeda – My Hip House
DJ Sneak – Babylon Fallin
Stefano Noferni – Disco’s Revenge
Francis Dilla – Dreams
Rosie Gaines – Closer
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Sandwiches RMX
Daft Punk – Mothership Reconnection
---SWITCH!!!! ---
DMX Krew – Lip Chime
Daniel Savio – Tough Guy Music
John Carpenter – The End
Beatfanatic – Hal & Dave
Daft Punk – Short Circuit
FPU – In the Future with Machines
Lolita Strap – Video Screen
Parallax Corporation- Invasion
Knightz of Bass – Space Invaders
DJ Technician – Never Ever
Jess & Crabbe – Warlords
Model 500 – Night Drive / Time Space Transmat
Marvul – Quaark (Syntonics Robo-Bass RMX)
Anthony Rother – Red Light District
Minticco – Clean it Up (Radioactive Man RMX)
Bolz Bolz – 2nd Chance
Asem Shama – Motherload
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Nov.9, 2011


Earlier this month local party-rocker Duzi was on the show and offered up a lesson in the “new-ish” Tropical genre of electronic dance music – think bass-heavy and slightly off-kilter rhythms punctuated by insistent snare drums and aggro synths. His first set was a mix of Tropical along with some Bass and Dubstep-influenced tracks and then we took a break for a short interview before he carried on with a mix of big room Electro-House, Fidget, and Bass sounds.

As a testament to his talent, drive, and his ability to mix multiple genres of music, Duzi still has a monthly residency in Regina - even while living here in Toronto - and he has performed alongside the likes of: Skratch Bastid, Team Canada, Huggs, LA Riots, Mat the Alien, and many others.

Duzi-Live on In My Room–Nov.9,2011

Bart B More - Music Music Music
Kill The Noise - World (Torro Torro Remix)
Adam G, ImanoS - Move With Me (Gianni Marino Remix)
Sandro Silva - Told Ya
Sgt Slick - Like This (Angger Dimas Remix)
Sidney Samson - The Street Is Ours
Congorock feat Mr. Lexx - Babylon
Tommy Trash - The End (Rob Pix Remix)
Angger Dimas, Christian Luke - Chiquila (Sandro Silva Remix)
Nouveau Yorican - Chiuso (Gianni Marino Papua Remix)
Sheen Bros. Ft. Greg Nice - It’s So Hot Part 4 (Prod by Torro Torro)
Diplo & Oliver Twizt - GO
Felix Cartal - The Joker (John Dahlback Remix)
In Flagranti - Ex Ex Ex (feat. Natalie Smash – Riton Mix)


Bart B More, Drop The Lime & AC Slater - Cry Baby
Autoerotique - Freak (Sound Of Stereo Remix)
Benny Benassi - House Music (SonicC Remix)
Bassjackers - Mush, Mush
Bart B More - Traction (Club Mix)
Bettanoize - Heh-Oh
Hot Pink Delorean & Rory Lions - Move It!
Proxy - Raven (Crookers Remix)
Tommy Trash - Blair Bitch Project
Congorock - Sirius


In My Room airs live, weekly, every Wednesday night from 10pm-12am EST on CKLN 88.1FM | News



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Nov.16, 2011


This week’s show was a hodge-podge grab-bag affair. I went into it with a couple of “bookends” in mind: the delightfully campy Senor Coconut cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and Scissor Sisters’ “Electrobix.”

What do you think of the journey between them?

Sounds like: Quirky, Electro-House, Fidget, Bass, & Filtered House.

gl.tch – Live on In My Room – Nov.16, 2011

Senor Coconut – Beat it
Mika – Big Girl(Bonde Do Role Remix)
WhoMadeWho – Flat Beat
Larry Tee – I Love U (The Bulgarian Remix)
Black Noise – Rocking it
Azzido Da Bass – I Want U (Azzido Da Bass Mix Part 1)
Senor Stereo – I Am The Beat feat. Louisahhh
Uffie feat. Pharrell Williams – Add Suv (Armand Van Helden Vocal Remix)
Fake Blood – I Think I Like It (ECSTACY EDIT)
Audiobullys – Hit The Ceiling
Dagio – My Life Right (Extended mix)
Telex – Do worry (Kid Alex Remix)
The Marlan Jacksons – Steal Your Bike
Mastiksoul – Cumbia de Bogota
Drop The Lime – Sex Sax
Tiga – Move My Body (Only4erolmix)
Kelevra & Jaimie Fanatic – We Are All Kidz feat. Whiskey Pete, Reid Speed & Mike Balance
Far Too Loud – Start The Party
AC Slater – Jack Got Jacked (Udachi Remix)
Gingy – Swagger (Barletta Remix)
Young Nutz vs. Escobar &Vito – The Raver (Kraymer Remix)
The SoniXx – Losing Control
Scissor Sister – Electrobix


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Nov.23, 2011


I met WestsideWax a few years back when I was living near Bloor-Lansdowne in Toronto. We were both active posters on Tribe.ca and started bumping into each other at techno jams in the west end. In 2008, WestsideWax started up a part-time dj school and co-ordinated his launch with ComeUnity‘s graffiti activism event that spanned the alleyways and sideroads from Dundas West subway station to Jane. The majority of the graffiti you see out the window while you’re riding the subway between those two stops was put up over that late summer festival weekend in 2008….



But I digress, he invited me to perform and showcase Serato (which was relatively new at the time) to his new students and prospective students. Afterwards we chilled at his place and I was blown away by the depth of the dude’s crates of techno and his commitment to the art of all vinyl djing.


A true “head,” WestsideWax has been djing for nearly 30 years and his dedication to the art of djing and the spirit of rave are an inspiring and welcome relief from today’s constant distracted barrage of disposable novelty and “cookie-cutter” music.

His first set is a trip down memory lane with Industrial, Post-Punk, Rave, Classic Chicago House and Techno. After our interview, a Techno set to close things out.

WestsideWax-Live On In My Room-Nov.23,2011


Cabaret Voltaire – C.O.M.A.
Revolting Cocks – No Devotion
The Safehouse – Exactly
K.Alexi Shelby – My Medusa
D.A.F. – Brothers (Gabi’s Mix)
Phuture Pfantasy Club – Spank Spank
Colourbox – Manic II
Starlight – Numero Uno (Club Mix)
49ers – Touch Me (Sexual Version)
M.Doc – It’s Percussion (House Mix)
Two Of A Kind – Like This
On the House feat. Marshall Jefferson – Ride the Rhythm
On the House – Pleasure Control
Levon Vincent – Man or Mistress


Denham – YIM ???? [Man in Two Suitcases LP]
Blackman – Trapped
James Ruskin – Indirect World
Frankie Bones – Deputy of Dub
Freddy Fresh – Tether ft. DJ Slip
S.Bichnell – A2 (Club Tracks S.B. Project Pt.2)
Mike Parker – W+P
Space DJz – Lights
Damon Wild Vs. Function – Friction
Fast Eddie – Player Face
DJ Slip – Crowd React
DJ Shufflemaster – Appear Again
Terence Dixon – ????


TRIBE Member


French Vanilla is a globe-trotting, Toronto-based DJ known for her versatility and ability to blend various genres of electronic music, but her real passion is House music. In this week’s episode, French Vanilla delivers the goods with a dj mix aimed squarely at the dance floor. And, she’s no slouch on the decks either! A keen controllerist, she’s got a lot goin’ on in this one: 3 track mixes, overdubs, and cheeky sample work.

Sounds like: House, Commercial House, Filtered Disco House, Electro-House, Tech-House, Tribal, Bass

French Vanilla – Live on In My Room – Nov.30,2011


1. Protest the Hero - Sequoia Throne (Conway Remix)
2. Grant Nalder - Guilty Pleasure
3. Joey Negro, Z Factor - Keep On Jumpin’ (Luigi Rocca Remix)
4. Light Year - Marcellus (Malente Remix)
5. Kid Cudi - Pursuit Of Happiness (Hatiras Remix)
6. Marcus Maison & Will Dragen - Storm
7. Metodi Hristov - I Hate Latino
8. Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama (Push The Tempo) (Moguai Remix)
9. Squeeeze - Doop (Manuel De La Mare Remix)
10. French Fries - Senta
11. Pony Pony Run Run - Hey You (Stereoheroes Remix)
12. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel (Armand Van Helden Club Mix)
13. Freestylers – Bounce To This
14. Tiko s Groove & Mendonca Do Rio - Me Faz Amar (Brian Chundro & Santos Remix)
15. Cazaette vs Adele - Set Fire to the Rain (A Stupid Hole Bootleg)
16. Nero - Innocence (Feed Me Remix)
17. Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Nadia Ali - Pressure
18. Nero - Crush On You (Brodinski Remix)
19. Bart B More, Drop The Lime & AC Slater - The Bass
20. JayDee - Plastic Dreams (Plastik Funk Tribute Mix)


21. Carl Cox - Nexus (Foamo Mix) vs. Daft Punk - Technologic (Female Acapella)
22. Nightriders - Hey (Nom De Strip Remix)
23. Dopefish - Django!
24. Peter Gelderblom - Waiting 4
25. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Van O Remix)
26. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Mac Moombahton Edit)
27. Sebastien Drums & Avicii - My Feeling For You (Original Mix) vs. Auntie Flo - Oh My Days (Alejandro Paz Remix) vs. Daft Punk - Around the World (Chris Moody Remix)
28. No Body - We Speak American (Jay Robinson remix)
29. Alex Kenji & Federico Scavo - Get Funky
30. Mark & Stevens - Freak Emotion (Sonny Fodera Remix)
31. China & Tom - The Ladies (Carlo Lio Remix)
32. Mike Vale - Pretty Woman
33. Miike Snow - Silvia (Hook N Sling & Goodwill Remix) vs. Felix da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene
34. The Weeknd - Rolling Stone (Grandtheft Extended Dub)


In My Room airs live, weekly, every Wednesday night from 10pm-12am EST on CKLN 88.1FM | News

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Yo! Welcome to 2012! Some house-keeping from last year to take care of….


Chiclet, an old friend of the show, stopped by the studio for the last show of 2011 to deliver a special set of all her favorite sounds. Recently featured in The Grid, Chiclet’s energy and enthusiasm behind the decks is infectious and it’s no doubt why she’s one of the most consistently “in-demand” DJs in Toronto. Weaving together Filtered Disco House, Nu-Disco, Electro-House, Tech-House, Bass, Baile Funk & B-more these 2 sets are a great snapshot of the fun, upbeat and dancefloor destroying sounds Chiclet is known for. Sorry, no trance this time…but maybe, just maybe, I can convince her to put together an exclusive set for In My Room?

Chiclet – Live on In My Room – Dec.21,2011


  1. Lbck – Instant Party
  2. DJ EQ – Triple Disco
  3. Engarde – Fresh80 (Cryptonites Remix)
  4. Fonzerelli – I Love Music (Dub)
  5. Lbck – Bra and Panties
  6. Calvertron – Everybody
  7. Coeur D’amour – All Is Love
  8. Lbck, Chuuwee – Real Caviar feat. Chuuwee (Instrumental)
  9. LXR vs Andrea Doria – Freak Me (Phonat Freak mix)
  10. Phonat – Set Me Free (Tanzanian Disco Stampede Mix)
  11. Lionel Richie – All Night Long (Rico Tubbs Remix)
  12. La Zebra – Business As Usual
  13. Plastique de Reve – Favela Norte
  14. Fellloww – Different Reality
  15. Francesco De Argentis – All Night
  16. Gregor Salto, DJ Gregory – Canoa
  17. DJ Daniel Cast, Da House Brothers – Magalenha (Carnival Mix)
  18. The Chemical Brothers – Horse Power (Popof Remix)
  19. Alan 1 – Concertmate (Bobermann Remix)
  20. DJ EQ – Freakin’
  21. Turntable Mafia – What You See ( DJ EQ Diabolical Disco Remix)
  22. Manuel De La Mare – La Musica Me Hace Mas Feliz (Space Mix)
  23. Denzal Park – Filter Freak ( DCUP Remix)
  24. Solidisco – I Need It
  25. Emynd – Hangin On
  26. Kid Alex feat. Kimo Green - Fame
  27. Le Tigre – After Dark
  28. Quakers & Mormons – New York Town (Lenno Remix)
  29. The Faint – Battlehymn For Children (Tensnake Remix)
  30. Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Tommie Sunshine Quaalude Edit)


In My Room airs live, weekly, every Wednesday night from 10pm-12am EST Radio Regent

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Jan.11, 2012


Last week Jack Tripper aka Dylan T aka Dyjomat aka Bad Boy Dill (ha!) joined me in the studio for the first show of 2012. His was the first to tweet to the new Twitter account and in doing so earned himself top seeding on In My Room. A self-confessed vinyl junkie, Jack Tripper’s influences and tastes span the history of “dance” from disco to present day. He’s been djing for a number of years and his passion for both his craft and the music is evident. It seemed like he had a little story to go along with each record he pulled out and over the course of the 2 hours, between his knowledge and the collective wisdom of discogs.com, I felt like I was getting an education in electronic music!

Armed with a bag of records, Jack Tripper laid down a wonderfully eclectic set of electronic music. In fact, he was on such a roll that we were a bit pressed for time when we had to squeeze in a little Q+A at the end of the set! Regardless, the man’s taste in music is terrific and his crates run deep; I was shocked by how few of these tracks I’d heard before! Some standouts for me are highlighted in bold below but the whole set is a great sampling of Classic House, Detroit Techno, Chicago House, Garage, Tech-House, Deep House, Nu-Disco, Electro and Rarities.You won’t be disappointed…

Jack Tripper-Live on In My Room-Jan.11, 2012


  1. Members Only Historical Archives Vol.7 – Shooting Stars
  2. Acid Washed – General Motors, Detroit, America
  3. Matthew Dear – Little People (Black City) [Mark E Dub Version]
  4. Gavin Russom – Night Sky (The Mutant Beat Dance Adjustment)
  5. GB’s – ??? [Gomma 86]
  6. No Regular Play – Takin’ U Back
  7. Pantha Du Prince – Fountain Drive
  8. Shinto – Hikkurikaese
  9. Ost & Kjex – Zwei Jahre aus Kloh
  10. Rebolledo – Steady Gear Rebo Maschine
  11. Gui Boratto – Azzurra (It’s not the same version)
  12. Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up
  13. Virgo Four – Sex
  14. Marcel Knopf – Lone Gone HomeTraxx – XTC 4 Luv feat. James T. Cotton
  15. Round Two – New Day
  16. Gwen Guthrie – Padlock (Larry Levan Mix)
  17. Girls on Top – I Wanna Dance with Numbers
  18. Xanadu – Computer Communication
  19. Key-Matic – Breakin’ in Space
  20. Crash Course in Science – Flying Turns
  21. No Smoke – Koro Koro (Black is Black)
  22. Joe Smooth – Promised Land
  23. George Benson – Love X Love (Koko Southport Edit)
  24. Oliver Koletzki & Fran – Arrow & Bow (Channel X Dub Mix)
  25. Micheal Mayer – That What I Told Sanchez
  26. Ost & Kjex – Milano Model
  27. Appaloosa – Intimate (Instrumental)
  28. Red Motorbike – ??? [White Label]


In My Room airs live, weekly, every Wednesday night from 10pm-12am EST Radio Regent

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Jan.25, 2012


A multi-instrumentalist, Sage brings his extensive musical background together as a DJ. I was surprised to learn that Sage is a classically trained flautist and has dabbled in a wide variety of musical forms from Jazz, to Rock, to Funk, even Punk! His passion for music eventually led him to the sample driven sounds of House music in Montreal over a decade ago while attending university. If you’re a house-head here in Toronto, chances are you ran into Sage and co. at the summer sun-drenched Lazydaze parties or caught him live at one-off events around the city.

He’s currently working on a number of projects including a new night and a Live PA project tentatively entitled “Sword,” which will blend the House and Punk sound and aesthetic. 2012 promises to be a big year for Sage and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Fans of the deeper sound of house will be especially excited for this week’s installment of In My Room. There’s some nice finds in this set, I’ve bolded them below. Sounds like: Deep, Tech, Jackin’, Acid, and Vocal House

Sage-Live on In My Room-Jan.25,2012


*Akabu feat. Linda Clifford – Ride The Storm (a capella) [Played throughout first set]

1. Youandewan – 1988

2. Tomson & Benedict feat. Bantu Soul – Blind (Original Vocal Mix)

3. Matty Heilbronn – Funky Shit (Martin Buttrich Remix)

4. Jovonn – Talkin Shhh (Vox)

5. Don Sizzle – Always Find Me

6. Asad Rizvi – Boom

7. Matt Shrewd – Vintage Fall Out

8. Larry Fives – This Beautiful Sound

9. Storm Queen – It Goes On (Vox)

10. Catz N Dogz – Jon Bovi

11. Flight Facilities – Foreign Language (feat. Jess) (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix)


1. Kris Wadsworth – It’s Time

2. ADJD – How About That Thing?

3. Kikumoto Allstars – Jack the House

4. Kink & Neville Watson – Nighttime Raw

5. Ralf Gum Feat. Diamondancer – All This Love For You (Raw Artistic Soul Vocal Dub)

6. MK – Burning (Round Table Knights Remix)

7. Vaggio – Don’t You Want Some More (Original Mix)

8. Sidney Charles & Sven Kerkhoff – House Witness

9. DiscoJack – Monalize (Original Mix)

10. DJ Sneak – Southern Boy (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

11. Carole King – I Feel The Earth Move


In My Room airs live, weekly, every Wednesday night from 10pm-12am EST on Radio Regent!

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Feb. 8, 2012


Hey all!

I’m going through the sorting process again in preparation for my upcoming demo for Pride Toronto in hopes that they pick me again to perform at one of the stages. There was no real rhyme nor reason to this mix aside from starting off around 112 bpm and working up to a heavy froth. You know, I kinda wish I had a little more time to play with the last one by DJ Dero – I forgot how much that one kicks…maybe it’ll make the cut? Anyway, I need to have this mix done before the end of the month so you can expect another set like this next time around on Wednesday.

I appeal to your collective sense of rhythm and good taste to weigh in on the tunes contained herein. Sounds like: Nu-Disco, Tech-House, House, Acid House, Vintage, Electro-House, Filtered Disco House!

gl.tch-Live on In My Room-Feb.8,2012

The Francis Inferno Orchestra – Rush Back
Native Underground – Push 4 Love
Azari & III – Into The Night
The Diogenes Club – Stacked
Krystal Klear – Tried For Your Love
Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Vox)
Neighbour – Back & Forth
DJ Cole Medina – Do What You Like (Cole’s O.G. Mix)
Cecile & Venice – Rimmel
Senor Stereo feat. Louisahhh!!! – I Am The Beat
D-Jastic – Dirty (Extended Mix)
Tom EQ – I Need You (HiJack Remix)
Maurice Joshua - This Is Acid (Boys Noize Re-work)
Katrina – Sex Machine (English Mix)
Detroit Muscle – Up All Night
Bass Kleph & Paul Anthony – Helium (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
Breakdown – Play With It feat. Whiskey Pete & Julz (Gigi Barocco Mix)
Mr Oizo – Gay Dentists (Original Mix)
Future Funk – Express Thru the Roof (Club mix)
DJ Dero – Revolution 07 (Robbie Rivera Bangin’ RMX)


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Feb.22, 2012


Local DJ and promoter Boots Boogie stopped by the station last week and, true to form, delivered a set chock-a-block with Disco, Nu-Disco, Deep House, Tech-House, and some new Bootlegs. A fixture in Toronto’s underground dance scene, Boots’ love for music extends beyond any one particular genre and his passion is infectious. Working with production partner, Max the Fax and friends at the Deep North Blog, Boots has been crafting disco-tinged bootlegs and edits aimed squarely at the dancefloor. While still new to the production game, his tracks are quirky, a bit cheeky, and border on the warehouse vibe. No slouch, the man mixes his way through a ton of tracks and showcased some of the great work being put out by other up-and-coming Toronto producers (highlighted in bold for y’all). It was a great show and afterwards we chat a bit about his musical tastes, the rise of Nu-Disco, who’s hot in Toronto and Canada right now, and list off his upcoming events. This one is not to be missed.

Boots Boogie – In My Room – Feb.22, 2012

FunkinEven – You
Kindness Gee Up (Cosmic Kids Edit)
Don’t stop the music (it sounds better with you) Boots Boogie Mash up
Melba Moore & Ooft – Love’s comin at yah (Boots Boogie short n sweet edit)
Futurewife – Touch and Gold
AutoReverse – Love
Pantera (Boots Boogie upa notch edit)
Shalamar – A Night To Remember (Drew Izm Remix)
Tiger & Woods – Love In Cambodgia
Midnight Star – Operator
Levantine – Marianne
L’Étranger Guillemots – I Must Be A Lover (L’Étranger Remix)
Dream – Lowe
Bob Sinclar – Get into the Music
Fantastic Man – Look This Way
DJ Cozmic Cat – Good ol’ days
Lucie Tic – Pen & Tonic
Coat Of Arms – Is This Something ( Original Mix )
Boots Boogie & Max the Fax - Squeeze me (dont hurt me)
D. Diamonds & Sean Roman – Lie to me
6th Borough Project – B.U.R.T. (The Journey)
Paul Revered – Flute Thing
Vaggio – Don’t You Want Some More
Geisha Twins Do You Feel The Same? (JackieRemix)
Mix Chopin – Rio 76
Dime A Dozen – Mambo
Furniture Crew – Lets Do It (Like Your Funky Mother Mix)
Azari and III – Manic
Jesse Garcia – Love Me Now Feat Corey Andrew (Peter Horrevorts Remix)
Kid Gloves – Below The Belt
King Britt – Firefly
Derrick Carter & Ursula Rucker – Supernatural
Oskar – Oh My
Melee – Since I Found You
Chris Lake & Nightriders – NYC (Nelski Edit)
Sharam Jey, Soundz Fresh – Let’s Get It On (Original Club Version)
Crazibiza ft Phats & Smalll – Spinning Around (Jay Borba Summer Festival Mix)
DJ Le Roi – I Get Deep feat. Roland Clark (Joris Voorn This Is Not A Remix)


In My Room airs live, weekly, every Wednesday night from 10pm-12am EST on Radio Regent!

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March 15, 2012


Jiggy Tarsands is the latest alias of the mercurial Spencer Dee, a longtime veteran DJ in Toronto’s underground electronic music scene. Although his sound has evolved over the years, his passion for innovative and cutting-edge dance music has been a constant. With a keen ear and deep crates, Spencer has a knack for putting together compelling mixes that take the dancefloor on a journey into sound. As he says in the interview: “It’s not deep unless you have to work for it.”

We first met a few years back at a gig at the old Chelsea Lounge on Dundas. I recall enjoying his eclectic set and I distinctly remember running over to the booth a couple of times to peer over his shoulder and check out the Traktor display to see what was on deck. Since then I’ve caught him performing at the occasional Bounce party, some other one-off around town or at the occasional loft/warehouse jam and he’s always delivered the goods.

This latest incarnation is no exception. The sound of Jiggy Tarsands is deep, acid, warehouse, woozy, laidback nu-disco that’s slightly off-kilter.

Jiggy Tarsands – Live on In My Room – Mar.7,2012


Lukas – Space Junkie Race
Daniel Bortz – No One
Mike Sulta – Escape From Rico Bay (Drop Out Orchestra Club Cut)
Lula Circus – Fake Blood True Wound
ZZT – ZZafrika (Julio Bashmore Mix)
Ponty Mython – Take More Lessons
Softwar – Darker
Bonar Bradberry – You Were Away
Ponty Mython – Simple Questions
Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Dub)
Spoons – Rudimental
Dillon – Tip Tapping (Chaim Alternate Remix)
Caribou – Leave House
Kri – Decay
Maxxi Soundsystem – Into The Future
Charlie Banks – Saying What (Christophe Mix)
Hobo – Sundowner
Jeremy P. Caulfied – Young Pretenders

Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Azari and III Remix)
The Hacker – Mind Games


In My Room airs live, weekly, every Wednesday night from 10pm-12am EST on Radio Regent!

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Apr.4, 2012


Mike Conradi is a legend-in-the-making in Toronto's electronic music scene. The experienced DJ has been moving crowds for over a decade and has recently been bitten by the "production" bug. If you've been clubbing in Southern Ontario during the past few years you've no doubt danced to the rhythms of Mike Conradi at places like Nocturne, 24 Lounge, After 8 Lounge, Festivals like WEMF, or the old mainstays like Circa, The Docks and System Soundbar just to name a few....

Citing Deko-ze as an inspirational force, "from his mixing to his track selection & programming [Deko-ze] is in a league of his own," Conradi's no slouch behind the decks either.

Using 3 CDJs, Mike's signature sound is best summed up as a Techno-driven hybrid of Electro, House, and Funk overlaid with samples and effects. More to the point, the man has the skills to pay the bills.

As a producer, Mike has a number of remixes already under his belt and has releases forthcoming on labels such as Champion Beats, Fine Grind Audio, Don't Look Productions among others. You may also have caught Mike performing as one half of the DJ/Production duo known as Rex Manning with Christian Poulsen of HUGSNOTDRUGS.

I was fortunate to have Toronto area DJ/Producer Mike Conradi agree to submit an exclusive mix for In My Room last week. Quite frankly, the mix couldn't have come at a better time as I was hit with a nasty cold-flu thing and could barely even get my ass to the studio to load it up and press play.

If you like what you hear below, you can catch the man live here:

Friday April 13th at Nocturne in Toronto

N.B. The tracklist is incomplete at the moment but we're working on it ;)

Mike Conradi-InMyRoom-Apr.4,2012


Loco Dice - Definition (Nic Fanciulli RMX)
Hermanez - Stomp
Zoo Brazil - Slob (Nick Curly RMX)
Nicole Moudaber - Watcha Playin
Jay Lumen - The Drummer
Radioslave - Grindhouse (Nic Fanciulli RMX)
123XYZ - 2Gether
Juan Kidd, Prok & Fitch - Placebo
D. Ramirez - Lump & Pop
DJ Dan - Stereo Damage
Fatboy Slim - Star 69 (X-Press 2RMX)
Phunk Investigation - 1,2,3,4
Christian Cambas & Spektre - Rebel Without A Cause (Uto Karem RMX)
Trisco - Muzak (Eddie Halliwell RMX)
TJR - Funky Vodka
Crazibiza - Hard
Rene Amesz & Ruell - Hope
MYNC & Wally Lopez - No Pare La Musica
Mr Bizz - Bamboo
Lutzenkirchen - Monday Trolling
Steve Mulder & Roel Salemink - Roest
Steve Mulder & Roel Salemink - ?????
John Dahlback - Feel It
Nicky Romero - Generation 303
Sydney Blu - X Factor (Funkefeller RMX)
Zedd - Stars Come Out (Lazy Rich RMX)
Chemical Brothers, Miles Dyson & Elite Force - Swoon Anthem
Reset! & Elite Force - Calypsoul
The Crystal Method - Not Leaving (Moguai RMX)


In My Room airs live, weekly, every Wednesday night from 10pm-12am EST on Radio Regent!

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From the Archive - Mar. 28


First off, apologies for the delay getting Skank Honto’s dj mix posted up but for those of you who weren’t able to tune in and listen live; I think you’ll find that it was worth the wait. A problem with some mixer levels and a gap in the recording necessitated an overdub and re-recording in a section or 2 but, rest assured, the tracklist and the integrity of the mix remain intact and the mix sounds great!

Skank Honto has been a fixture in the Southern Ontario breaks scene over the past decade or so. Originally from London, ON, he moved to Toronto a few years back and brought the funk with him.

Known for his love of funky break beats, Skank Honto has recently become a booster for the emerging sounds of Nu-Funk and Ghetto-funk coming from Canada’s west coast. He credits the Make it Funky crew for helping to spread this new sound exemplified by acts like A.Skillz, Stickybuds, DJ Czech, the Funk Hunters, DJs Wood & Soo who are working to re-invent the sound of funky breaks. He also points to local talent like Big League Chu, and Marty McFly as being critical to the development of his sound as a dj.

A long-time collector of vinyl, Jay recently made the jump to Serato to overcome the lack of access to new records and he enjoys the versatility afforded to him through the use of the Novation Dicer as a MIDI interface. However, you can still hear the gems from his vinyl collection at the monthly Funkin’ it up! event he co-hosts with Toronto’s infamous vinyl junkie, DJ Splattermonkey, at No One Writes to the Colonel.

In the first hour and a bit, Skank Honto takes us on a journey through party breaks, funky breaks, some bangers and finally some dubstep-inspired sounds before we break (ha!) for an interview. Afterwards he rounds out the playlist with some choice cuts of the slower tempo’d Nu-Funk, Ghettofunk, and bootlegs.

Skank Honto – Live on In My Room – Mar.28, 2012


S-Man & DJ Phaze – Gimme That Fat Ass Beat
DJ Wood – Tunisian Knights
Bobby C Sound TV – Jump Out
Funkanomics vs Dj Detta – Jucachavezxx Stand Up
Nev Scott & Wayne Essential – Hold On
Young MC – Bust a Move (Stickybuds Remix)
Beat Theatre – Time to Get Paid
Slynk – Poppin’ It
The Dancefloor Outlaws – Panda
CMC & Silenta – Is It True (the Funk Hunters remix)
Bobby C Sound TV – Neon Night Light
J-Pod – The Savior
Aretha Franklin – Respect (DJ Sol Rising Remix)
Kid Panel & Blade – Freak
2 Smoking DJ’s – 2 Fatt Enemies
Cutline – Die For You
Kloe, Imprintz, J Scott G – Return of the King (DJ Hero Re-Rub)
Tomb Crew – Whatch This (Kid Digital Remix)
Colombo – Clubbing
Myagi – Warehouse Bounce
Tensnake – Coma Cat (Stanton Warriors Rebump)
Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (The Funk Hunters Remix)
Daft Punk – Aerodynamic (Specimen A & James D’ley Re-fix)
Gramatik & Break Science – Boogie Down


Bashboomb – Lottery Spin
Dan Wilde – Ghetto Cookin’
Freqnik & WDre – Mash Appeal
Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping (Daytona Edit)
El Bomba & Hidden Riddim – Put Up Or Shut Up
Babadub – Hot Talk (William Breakspear’s Bhut Jolokia Mix)
DJ Marky And XRS – LK (J-Sound Mix)
?? – Last Night a DJ Saved My Funky Break
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – T.R.O.Y. (The Allergies Revisit)
De La Soul Feat. Chaka Khan – All Good (Breakbeat Junkie Remix)


In My Room airs live, weekly, every Wednesday night from 10pm-12am EST on Radio Regent!

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May 23, 2012


A couple of weeks back, local party-rocker and genre-blurring DJ Dougie Boom visited the Regent Park Focus studios to appear on In My Room. Mr. Boom is a well-known fixture in Toronto’s underground electronic music scene and has worked with international legends and locals alike. He works quite a bit with Toronto-based promotion company Underdog but, as a testament to his versatility as a DJ, he has hosted and performed at a number of events with music ranging from psychedelic rock, to hip-hop, to metal, Italo and Boogie, to Booty House and beyond.

After about a year of wrangling our schedules, we were finally able to connect and during our preliminary discussions we talked about our mutual love of vintage Italo Disco, Boogie, and Electro-funk. The initial concept for the show was for us to have a back2back jam session for the first hour wherein we could showcase some choice cuts from the late 70s and 80s but, as is so often the case in the DJ world, a technical issue involving Serato prevented us from doing so and Dougie stepped up and went solo.

During the first hour, Dougie Boom took us on a rapid-fire sampling of his collection of Italo and Boogie. Fans of the sound will notice hits by Patrick Cowley, Mr. Flagio, Trophy, Jago, and BWH among a few rare gems.

Then we paused for an interview and discussed: his love of vinyl, what's going on with slower bpms in dance, the state of the “scene” in Toronto and future gigs.

The second set is packed new music from local and Canadian producers such as Nautilus, Jokers of the Scene, John Roman, & Kevin McPhee and ranges from Deep and Tech-House, Electro-Funk, to Techno, to stripped-down Bass-heavy broken beat.

Dougie Boom – Live on In My Room – May 23,2012

Tracklist in the works!

You can see Dougie Boom in action at these upcoming events:

Galapagos Presents: Peanut Butter Wolf - Jun.14

Get more of his mixes here: Dougie Boom's PodOmatic site