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Eclectic Breaks Pro X-Fade

docta seuss

TRIBE Member
if you scratch, or even if you don't, get one. you'll not be sorry.
the P&G on my xone was nearing its end, and i read a great review on the Eclectic fader, so i decided it was worth a shot. good gravy, was it ever.

some features:

Advanced 100% Conductive Plastic Technology

Tension Torque Control

Customisable Cut-in Point

Interchangeable Mixer Interface

Double Wide Fader Stem




TRIBE Promoter
Wait, so this is a 3rd party fader that you can stick into another mixer...and you can modify the cut on it?

VERY cool.


docta seuss

TRIBE Member
solves a number of problems with them, but yeah, now we can all have the sharp curves we've always wanted on our 62's without having to upgrade to 92's.
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