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ebay: is this a good price?


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I know you all hate burberry, but I love the nova plaid belt...


Bidding ends tomorrow, minimum bid is $30 US and no bids so far.

What do these retail for??
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TaCk OnE?

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it's 30 bucks, just BUY IT.

you like it, and god knows some girls stuff is so expensive, 30 bucks for something you like isn't going to hurt.

doooooooooo it.

and burberry isn't too bad, it's LV that must die.
I'd say the real thing retails for a couple of hundred (if this style of belt even exists).

There are tonnes of fakes on e-bay, but truly, even if you pay $50, and you like it, it doesn't matter.

LV must die.

I, love, commas.
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I don't buy on ebay very often, so I'm horrible at telling what is fake and what is not...

Here is what the description said. I didn't notice that it mentioned a scratch before...now the price makes a little more sense.

"This is a 100% AUTHENTIC BURBERRY NOVA PLAID BELT ~ 40/100. Silver Buckle. It measures 43" Long and 1.5" Wide but can EASILY BE CUT to Make shorter. It will fit up to a waist size 40 or BELOW. The BURBERRY is inscribed in the SILVER BUCKLE. It has the BURBERRY LONDON; Made in ITALY inscribed on the LEATHER. 100% AUTHENTIC! NEW, displayed as a floor sample with a minor surface scratch on a small part of buckle. For this reason, it could not be sold for full retail. Otherwise, it is in excellent new condition. "
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it sounds authentic ..now make sure it'll fit you cos lord knows you cant parade around in a burberry belt thats been cut! ;)


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Originally posted by tella
it sounds authentic ..now make sure it'll fit you cos lord knows you cant parade around in a burberry belt thats been cut! ;)

All of the burberry belts listed on ebay are around the same price, and all of them are f'en huge - like 40 inches. So they are either all real, and burberry just makes em like that, or they're all cheap and fake.

I can't find any belts on the burberry site...


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Originally posted by xsre
Does it matter if it's authentic burberry if you really dig the belt?

Not really.
But I don't want to wear something that's obviously an imitation of something else...like those people with those wretchedly fake LV bags. JUST BUY SOMETHING ELSE, YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE.

(I don't want to be one of those people. lol)

And it's $30US plus shipping...it's not expensive, but it's not free either! :p
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Ok, well I'm virtually positive that burberry doesn't make belts that you cut to your own size.

You'll note that e-bay has belts for 3 pounds UK that are "authentic burberry" which are sized. Link here/


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blurberry definitely has belts like that, I've seen them...not saying the ebay one is real, but you should absolutely buy it if you like it. in fact I was in the blurberry store on saturday and saw some boxers for $65 so $30 for a used belt is pretty reasonable, though $30 for used boxers would be not such a good deal.

but a straight white person wearing blurberry unironically is really frightening, so if you are either of these don't buy it


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Originally posted by pr0nstar
Man, am I out of the loop.
But I think that thing is fucking ugly.


Well at least I know you won't be bidding on it now. :D

Val, I saw those belts as well - the 3 pound range ones didn't seem to be the norm, and the description was also very vague about what authenticated it as a burberry...I thought those ones were a bit sketchier than the ones in the $30+ range.

I like the belt, I just don't want to be sporting something that's obviously a fake. Not sure how to figure out whether it is or not.
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^^^ me too.

and i don't understand having a fake bag. it's still ugly. and it's still fake.

...but burberry makes nice perfume! and christopher bailey is a good designer when he's not using that damn ugly plaid.