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Eastern Bloc has a new house head....


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For those of you who buy records, and I know that many of you here do, E-Bloc has a new person in charge of the house music section. Many of you may know him from such records as Slavedriver, Smart Hockey, Herbz the Word etc. Paranoid Jack has made a name for himself all over the world for his unique brand of house and now he's in charge of the house section at E-Bloc. Check it out, trust me, the tunes are gonna get better and better.

Here's something he wrote and asked me to pass along:

In an effort to better serve it's customers, Eastern Bloc is pleased to announce the all new house music e-mail list. You, the customer, will know exactly what comes in on shipment days and what you can expect in the future. You'll get tips on special discounts, and have a direct say on titles you want to see in the store. Anyone interested in being a part of this can send an e-mail to ebloc_house@hotmail.com with the word
"subscribe" in the subject title. Please spread the word far and wide.

Thanks, hope to see you soon!
Paranoid Jack



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eastern block has a new house head

OH NO!!!!!!!! P-Jacks head has turned in to a house.

(Sorry Manny, Ihad to)

Myka - LOL at my own jokes
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