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easter weekend - what days do we get off?

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Friday is stat, but some places also close the Monday.

I get both whether my work likes it or not

When's Easter?


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friday - but only if you're catholic
since the rest of you don't mind burning in hell, working one extra day shouldn't e a big deal.


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damn it is more then a month away - longest stretch of time we take without a holiday is from xams to easter :mad: bring it on !
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janiecakes said:

Hey I saw in the dinner thread that they're moving you to Metro Hall! Congrats! Now you'll be able to share the pain of being janked around by Muchmusic VJ's while waiting in line for your lunch!


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I think everyone should take the thursday off as well...

its another important day for christians.
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New Year's Day (AB, BC, ON, PQ) January 1, 2006
Family Day (AB) February 20, 2006
Good Friday (AB, BC, ON, PQ) April 14, 2006
Victoria Day (AB, BC, ON, PQ) May 22, 2006
St. Jean Baptiste Day (PQ) June 23, 2006
Canada Day (AB, BC, ON, PQ) July 3, 2006
Floating Holiday (BC, ON, PQ) July 4, 2006
Civic Holiday (AB, BC, ON) August 7, 2006
Sports Day (ON, PQ) August 18, 2006
Labour Day (AB, BC, ON, PQ) September 4, 2006
Thanksgiving Day (AB, BC, ON, PQ) October 9, 2006
Remembrance Day (AB, BC) November 13, 2006
Christmas Eve Day (AB, BC, ON, PQ) 1/2 day December 22, 2006
Christmas Day (AB, BC, ON, PQ) December 25, 2006
Boxing Day (AB, BC, ON) December 26, 2006


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Flashy_McFlash said:
I guess you're doing more outcalls then, since I've never seen a single hobo in Metro Hall?

I won't actually have a caseload there - it's like the complaints/info unit at the head office. But there is a social services office at Metro Hall so there are definitely hobos!
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Originally Posted by sugar
What list is that, Nick? That's not a list of stat holidays.
it's pretty accurate (for bank and i think gov't stat holidays), except for the floating holiday, sports day and christmas eve day
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I work a half day on the Thursday and get Friday off. By then I will be chillin' in the alps with my favourite swiss miss.
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