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East Coast Boogiemen


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Whos coming out to see the ECB on 6 decks Jan 2nd?

Never had a chance to hear them live before, should be tons of fun!
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i'm coming up from quebec city just for this night!

word to ECB!

gonna be a CRAZY funk filled jam fo' sure!


Big Cheese

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fuck, i'm going out of town for a few days friday night...

that's poopy 'cuz i was really looking forward to hearing these guys drop something fierce :(

post pics n' proper reviews :)

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erm conor,

there is a big brunny/dance cave night in the works for that friday. But since it's ECb (whoever they are) you are forgiven.

Smiley Jo

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If i'm in any shape to go - i'm hittin this up with Ray Ray.

Also depends if he's in any shape to go... LOL

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Originally posted by deebo
there's still 2 days to recover from new years before the ECB party. enough time for me anyway!

Thats true, I'll still have two more days to recover until Monday!

I'll be there:D


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Originally posted by Aleks
hey just outta interest's sake, what are the details regarding venue and cover...??

Cover is $10 before 12am $15 after
it is at Hush 457 Richmond St. W.

We just finished setting up 6 tables and 2 cdj's
hope you all enjoy.
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yes east coast boogiemen! :p

been loving these guys since miami 2003. hopefully i'll manage to see them AND go for timmy p's bday at element