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EarthAlien - Deep Dreams


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‘Deep Dreams’ is the latest promotional DJ set from EarthAlien, downloadable in WAV for your
listening pleasure.

With chugging bass-lines and hypnotic tones throughout ‘Deep Dreams’ will take you down the
rabbit hole of psychedelic pleasure and leave you wanting more!

EarthAlien is the founder, face and driving force behind Psylicious, an established name in
today's psychedelic trance music scene. He is a label DJ for Canadian based Psytrance record
label, Metabolizm Records, a label that are consistently pushing their musical boundaries with
quality, cutting edge Psychedelic Trance.

EarthAlien executes a non-pigeon holed, underground full on driving sound, taking the trance
floor into a full on psychedelic experience....

Listen | Download: Click Here

Track Listing:

01: Dum - Power of Alchemy
02: Mechanimal - Spiritual Beings
03: Hypnoise & Tantrix - Hypnotrix
04: Champa vs Spinal Fusion - Sleeping People
05: Pulsar & Thaihanu - The World Is Changed
06: DUM - Quantum Mind
07: Mechanimal - Solar Wind
08: Champa - Herb
09: Hypnocoustics - I'm High
10: Space Vision - Transformers

Info & Bookings
Psylicious: Click Here

Metabolizm Records
Facebook: Click Here

EarthAlien Social Media
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Instagram: Click Here
Soundcloud: Click Here
Mixcloud: Click Here

Psylicious Links

Psylicious | Website
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Psylicious | Facebook
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Psylicious | Mixcloud
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