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EarthAlien - Be Psychedelic


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Be Psychedelic is the latest promotional mix from EarthAlien, downloadable in WAV
for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

With an up-tempo infusion of punching kicks, driving bass lines, soul drenching melodies
and a warmth of dynamic hypnotic tones throughout, Be Psychedelic is an EarthAlien
trance-floor experience delivered from heart and soul…
Be Psychedelic is attributed to EarthAliens connection and residency with Poland’s event
and party crew based in Gdansk, Be Psychedelic!

Listen | Download: EarthAlien - Be Psychedelic

Track listing:

01: Pleiadians - Alien Artifact
02: Barby - Evie 404
03: Pleiadians - Spacecraft
04: Ephedra - Machiavellian
05: Barby - Cerberus
06: Ephedra - Return to the N Life
07: E Mantra - Neural Vertex
08: Nostromosis - Jericho
09: E Mantra - Radiant Vision
10: Eleusyn - Voyager 2
11: Human Intelligence - Time Serenety
12: Ephedra - Flowing In the Night

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