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early 90's hip hop youtube vids.

Destro Sanchez

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i don't think there's a day that goes by in my life without me kickin a line (or 5) from I Got It Made. (or How Many Emcees, Or Ladidadi, Or BDP...)

only heard one iroc tape and it was dope (from what i remember)
i gotta agree, I prefer the analog hiss and the boomin bass of a tape over the digital copies found on blogs - but I will take it anyway I can get it! :D

now to swang thangs to the left coast:

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tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit


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tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit

Juan Love

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Whatever happened to...?

Because ya gotta...and "Let Your Backbone Slide" was technically from '89...


Eastcoast illest...watch for Buck 65, J-Roc, Cory and the man like Ken Pompadour!

Always under-rated...

My first 12"...

This record was pure soundmurder!