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EA Nhl 2009


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wrong forum? who knows..

Love the game, haven't dug into dynasty mode as I'm loving be a pro.

Just wanted to put out there my vote for possibly the stupidest trade ever by the AI.

I'm the leafs (yes, even in fantasy, I'm a die hard leafs fan) - 3 years in, team is completely dismantled aside from a couple of players. Last season we were stellar acruing 47 wins and 28 regular time losses, the rest were overtime wins or losses.

In the offseason this year my GM had the brilliant idea to Trade Toskala straight up for defenceman Ian White, who the season previous, my GM let go via waivers - for nothing?? The GM traded Toskala, rated 86 for Ian White rated 80, with no prospects, draft picks or anything else coming back. Our starting goalie is now rated a 75, we obviously now suck. And yes, there were a plethora of free agent defenceman available to sign.

I suppose they forgot to replace JFJ with Fletcher?