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E3 Predicitions 2009


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I'm pretty sure they will come out with a anolog attachment or even put one on the controllers, but I didn't seen any nor did they show any at the demo. Don't get me wrong I like what I saw at E3 I just hope they add some kind of analog stick to move around.


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They said there were buttons & such on the controller for that kind of movement. Lots of FPS PC games have a 'move foward' command that you can toggle, so maybe its something like that. You could easily map forward/backward/strafe left/strafe right to the exisiting controller setup.

And no cords between controllers! That's key.


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Hopefully these things aren't fuck-off expensive...Hopefully they have a bundle of some kind with two of them, the Eye, and a game.


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360 owners without an HDD (how many are there?) won't be able to run Forza 3. At least that's what they're saying now.

Is this the end of Zombie Shakespeare?
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when i count the number of full out PS3 blu-ray exclusives coming to this holiday i'm looking at 2 possibly 3.

Uncharted 2
GT5 (possibly)
there's been some trash talk from the forza developer, saying he's surpassed kazanuri and the torch has been unofficlaly passed down to forza from GT. Interested to see this head to head showdown if they release in the same timeframe.

correct me if I'm wrong.

Judging from the live demo, MAG looks to be a first person multiplayer only game. I thought MAG would of been a third person shooter as opposed to 1st person since it was hyped to be be made by zipper and the true succesor to SOCOM.

I'm sure making it 1st person might make it a bit more appealable in the NA market, especially it be MP only, but I kinda hoped for a polished version of SOCOM.

I've been reading all the Heavy Rain hands on and people are still gushing. The segment that was playable seems to play like a mature suspense thriller where the girl character (madison) gets caught and forced to strip at gunpoint. They show parts of that scene in the latest trailer.
Scheduled for q1 2010 release though.
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