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E3 2014 - Your hopes, dreams, excited reactions and "Holy shit!"'s

So we're counting down to this year's E3 anyone anticipating any particular releases?

Me, I'm looking forward to seeing more of:

Star Wars Battlefront (should be interesting to see DICE now at the controls)
Batman Arkham Knights (delayed to 2015 now)
Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare (More Kevin Spacey?)
Battlefield - Hardline (now becoming a cops and robbers type game?)
New Red Dead Redemption (although it looks like a long shot that Rockstar will break their refusal to attend E3 - so I'm not expecting much)

What about you?
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It's so much more interesting than anything else anyone posts.


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My sights are towards to Nintendo for E3:

New Zelda to be shown (how much is unknown)
Metroid has been silent for some time
They are hosting a 90 min developers round table for some kind of secret new 3DS property...
Nintendo's got a lot at stake this year. I really think that the Wii U has a lot of potential, but they haven't found a must have game for the system.

They need something big.
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Agreed. They just got a recent sales boost from Mario Kart, but they haven't come up with a killer app for the controller to differentiate it from the others


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Less fussed about anything console, hoping maybe we get another PS3 price cut (still looking to get one some day)

For titles:

Far Cry 4
Civilization: Beyond Earth
Defense Grid 2
Fifa 15
Mass Effect 4

Maybe not being console owner has me less interested compared to the 00s?

Maybe impact of E3 is more dilute than it once was?

anyway hoping for good views of the above titles!
Oh yeah - Alien Isolation looks promising, and hopefully it won't be the dishonest clusterfuck that Aliens: Colonial Marines was.

Setting it as a survival horror with little to no weapons sounds promising.


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Colonial Marines was doomed halfway through production. But this game looks great. Saw a 10 min playthough on IGN; pretty excited for it
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No Man's Sky looks totally sick.

Very ambitious project that I hope delivers on what it promises.

The game will feature a procedurally generated (planets will be built as you play, and each will be completely unique), massively multiplayer world.



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Got my Nintendo Fix. While only teaser was shown, super excited about Zelda.

Entirely open world. Gorgeous pseudo anime style.

Image/video below has been noted as in-game engine generated.


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Oculus Rift is by all accounts going to finally reach the VR level everyone has been chasing for 20+ years. Having read the Wired magazine on it I can't begin to imagine what 10-20 years from now will look like for gaming.
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