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Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by KodiaK, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. KodiaK

    KodiaK TRIBE Member

    i picked up an e-cig kit last week.

    Mainly got it for work since smoking inside an armored van = the suck, and i cant have a cig while im waiting at the airport for work related shit.

    So far im loving this thing.

    apparently this stuff is banned in canada, according to wikipedia that is.
    Health Canada Advises Canadians Not to Use Electronic Cigarettes - Health Canada Advisory 2009-03-27

    for the few days ive been using this, not only does my throat feel an absolute shit ton better than smoking a regular cig, but the coughing and lung butter is going away. So fuck you health canada.

    Anyways, any other tribers try these things out? and more importantly, is there any places in toronto where i can pick up some more carts for my V5 e cig? i only ask because i really dont want to order this stuff all the time from the states, it just takes way too damn long to get shipped here.
  2. le bricoleur

    le bricoleur TRIBE Member

    I know someone who orders them from China. He'd probably be better off smoking regular cigarettes.
  3. KodiaK

    KodiaK TRIBE Member

    hah i bet you they just bottle up their polluted air and just ram it into the cartridges.
  4. ZsaZsa

    ZsaZsa TRIBE Member

    Yes - I have one and I love it too. I use it while I am driving and it really takes the edge off. I bought mine in Oakville at Celebrity Cigar. It was 100 bucks - but I got an extra battery so I can charge one when I am using the other. Carts are 15 for 5. It also has a one year warranty.

    There is no smell - no hacking cough and I can smoke anywhere. Takes some time getting used to, but much better than regular cigarettes.

    I would look up any special smoke/cigar shop and ask them. There must be retailers in TO that carry them - only problem is that the cart. may not fit the e cig you have. Might be a bit searching on your part. Good luck!
  5. ZsaZsa

    ZsaZsa TRIBE Member

  6. Polymorph

    Polymorph TRIBE Member

    just ordered a starter kit of these things from Green Smoke in the US.

    hope they live up to the hype
  7. KodiaK

    KodiaK TRIBE Member

    yea btw i forgot to mention

    i bought the V5 kit from smoke-light.com in the states.

    Comes with a case that's the charger, 2 batteries (Cigs),1 atomizer, bought a 5 pack of carts (25 in total), came with 1 giant liquid juice bottle.

    also usb charger and plug to charge up the faux cig pack. Once that's all charged up, i can swap the battery cigs out. It's good for 5 charges on it's own, and it only takes about 30 mins for the battery to charge.

    im just trying to figure out if i can re fill the carts i have already.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2010
  8. defazman

    defazman TRIBE Member

    or quit smoking
  9. solacevip

    solacevip TRIBE Promoter

    I saw this while walking through a mall in North Carolina. I was shocked to see how it worked. Great idea for those who wanna puff.
  10. Blue Meanies

    Blue Meanies TRIBE Member


    Whats next... electric crack pipes? All the high and taste but no danger of lighting yourself on fire!! :rolleyes:
  11. PAUZE

    PAUZE TRIBE Promoter

    LOL, for realz! Just quit bitches. Get some Zyban and off to the races!
  12. Dirty Girl

    Dirty Girl TRIBE Member

    I dont get it?
    does it taste like ciggies?
    do you get to blow smoke rings out your mouth?
    does it smell like ciggies?
    does it have nicotine in it?
    do you actually feel like youve had a ciggie?
    do you get to flick ashes off it like ciggie?
    cell phones and laptops and all that stuff are supposed to give us tumors, wouldnt this give us tumors too?
    do they work out to be cheaper or more expensive than ciggies?
    I dont get it?
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2010
  13. Sunshyne Jones

    Sunshyne Jones TRIBE Member

    yay for you people for whom it was rolleyes easy to quit smoking, or for those of you who have never been addicted and who think it's rolleyes that easy. bully for you shitheads. for others, it is a wee bit tougher than you can imagine ... and despite the reality of the situation, it can be difficult to even want to quit. how about that can o worms? why don't you take your holier than thou attitude elsewhere? oh wait, i forgot, i'm on tribe.
  14. ila

    ila TRIBE Member

    if you're smoking one of these beside me, can I smell it or inhale the carcinogens myself?

    if not, this is the best invention of all time, ever.
  15. defazman

    defazman TRIBE Member

    or quit smoking
  16. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    dude I know uses these and goes through probably twice the recommended number... He's a two pack a day guy and is well on the way to destroying himself with nicotine. He's already having respiratory problems (which has led him to the sticks) and now he's got massive dental issues (teeth falling out) because his poor brushing has only compounded the effect of the tobacco on his mouth. I'm beginning to think he's going to be one of those guys who has his lower jaw removed due to cancer and he'll be walking around with a handerchief stuffed in his mouth to stop him from drooling all over the place, talking through one of those boxes at his throat.
  17. PAUZE

    PAUZE TRIBE Promoter

    It wasn't rolleyes easy for me. I am on my 3rd try as we speak. I have used Zyban all times and for the first 6 to 7 months seems to work. Stress always lures me back to them. When life gets tough I have always turned to cigarettes. For the past 8 mths dating a girl who doesnt smoke really helped as well as a good support network.....

    It's a decision that everyone has to make at some point or choose to be unhealthy and possibly die. I made mine when I noticed my breathing was shitty and I was getting pains. Again, quitting smokes comes at all different times for different people.
  18. KodiaK

    KodiaK TRIBE Member

    not really, although there are many different flavors of e-juice out there.

    i've never been able to do that personally, but you still exhale.

    there's little to no smell what so ever.

    yes, and only nicotine


    no, but the end of the e-cig lights up red when you inhale.

    hell i dont know.

    this im not entirely sure about yet. All depends if i can find carts for my kit and/or able to re fill the ones i have. The carts do last a hell of a lot longer than you imagine. One thing i do know, is that i've stopped purchasing multiple packs of smokes every other day.
  19. Bumbaclat

    Bumbaclat TRIBE Member

    I found it tough but accomplished it easily. That's because I'm made of iron and you are clearly made of Jell-O.
  20. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    hypnosis > usbigarettes
  21. Snuffy

    Snuffy TRIBE Member

    Interesting... I've always said I loved smoking but hated the consequences. I'm so checking this out.

    Also, while researching this, I found that there was quite a bit of resistance to tobacco harm reduction! Unbelievable! Apparently, there's another product they've been using in Sweden called "Snus". It doesn't cause cancer like regular chewing tobacco, but it was banned in most of Europe:

    Here's a story on 60 Minutes:

    Going Smokeless - 60 Minutes - CBS News
  22. Blue Meanies

    Blue Meanies TRIBE Member

    Well this is the problem... You can't quit something unless you want to quit it. That's how it works. If you really enjoy smoking and don't want to quit than don't, its your choice but if your using these e cigarettes as a means to an end... Well than that is just stupid:rolleyes:

    You can't stop being an alcoholic by switching to a different type of alcohol!:D

    And just so you know, I smoked for 15 years and quit cold turkey, the only way to do it.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2010
  23. Blue Meanies

    Blue Meanies TRIBE Member

    Also want to say that yes its really tough to quit but you need to understand your cleansing your body of a drug you've been using for x amount of years. Anyone anywhere that is quitting a drug (nicotine, alcohol, etc) is going to have a tough time but once its 100% out of your body you'll feel amazing. With these e cigarettes they're not solving the problem. If anything they're creating more problems because now you can get your nicotine drug fix anytime, anywhere.
  24. KodiaK

    KodiaK TRIBE Member

    i dunno how this turned into a quit smoking thread all of a sudden. That wasn't the intention. Everyone else is right though. If i want to quit, ill do it cold turkey. It really is the only way to do it.

    what i bought it for was to not nic fit when im at work and on the pearson tarmac where i CANT have a cigarette, even in the vehicle waiting for the cargo plane to reload.

    if im caught with a cig in a car by the airside safety guys my AVOIP license is revoked, and im proper fucked.
  25. Blue Meanies

    Blue Meanies TRIBE Member

    You realize that if you just quit you wouldn't have those nic fits. The nicotine will leave your system and you wont have that urge anymore. :)

    Isn't it strange that your spending money on something that doesn't bring you joy it just gives you a quick fix of a drug? If you had said "I bought e cigarettes so I can enjoy that sweet flavor while on the job" That's different but your reasoning is to just satisfy your drug addiction to nicotine.

    That's why this thread is strange, replace e cigarette nicotine with any other drug... would it still be acceptable? I understand your not getting the carcinogens but your still putting a deadly, highly addicitive drug into your system.

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