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E c l i p s e - f e s t i v a l - 2 0 1 0

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ravinjunkie, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. ravinjunkie

    ravinjunkie TRIBE Member

    Wow! More people should go to this festival! what a beautiful gathering of people and great music! worth the drive..

    This year we were really lucky! barely any rain at all!

    Since it was the 10th year anniversary... Tech Safari Team made it extra special with the Poi Fire Dancers! really effing cool.

    Too bad I don't have any of Basilisk's beautiful photos this year to illustrate how magical this festival was!

    This year, I helped out with the Tech Safari team and got to drive a few artists to their hotel and back.

    Juno Reactor is one hell of a cool guy, he was telling me ab out his experience opening for the Japan World Cup football Ceremony! woow. I asked him how he got into psytrance and he told me how it just came to him, cause back in the day, there wasn't even a label for it! It's just so cool to meet artists who have made such a career out of electronic music. It's such an inspiration.

    He also mentioned how cool that Tech Safari has still managed to keep throwing festivals, after ten years without becoming jaded!

    It's so awesome that the Tech Safari Team puts us Canadians on the map in terms of electronic music. These artists were blown away by Quebec, Maniwaki and the hard work tech safari puts in every year. What a festival - if only you guys joined me..

    Looking forward to The Tech Safari Halloween event in OCT~!
    They do have a weekly in MTL on thurs - feel free to ask me any info.

  2. ravinjunkie

    ravinjunkie TRIBE Member

  3. ravinjunkie

    ravinjunkie TRIBE Member

  4. ravinjunkie

    ravinjunkie TRIBE Member

    Juno Reactor


  5. ravinjunkie

    ravinjunkie TRIBE Member

    Dance Dance Dance

  6. ravinjunkie

    ravinjunkie TRIBE Member

  7. Variant

    Variant TRIBE Member

    Indeed.. twas a wicked party! Eclipse always delivers.. but this year was especially sweet.



  8. green_souljah

    green_souljah TRIBE Member

    Yeah we had a good time. Allowed a couple extra days to stretch the drive out, even though its really not that bad, to give us a bit of a holiday.

    Party itself was really good. Good crowd, nice venue, Ill go back next year for sure!

    One thing Ive always loved about travelling to these jams is it gives me a chance to see some parts of the country that I would otherwise never see. The party was in a small town called Bouchette, and the locals were very friendly, even though we were an anglais only speaking crowd.

    Very scenic and beautiful region, with winding roads and insane Quebcois driving. You won't get a speeding ticket thats for sure.
  9. ravinjunkie

    ravinjunkie TRIBE Member

  10. voytek

    voytek TRIBE Member

    l'm so jealous. Eclipse 98 was the best party i have ever been to. the set up looks unreal, and the music is giving me heartache. superawesome!
  11. Variant

    Variant TRIBE Member

    Was it an indoor party? Eclipse started in 99 as an indoor party.
  12. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    dates not as important as the VIBBBBBBEEEEEEE :D
  13. Musical Rush

    Musical Rush TRIBE Member

    Memories of Juno Reactor at the Opera house with the tribal dancers. Best party EVER!, Deep Sea Fish!!!!
  14. maphi

    maphi TRIBE Member

    This being the 10th anniversary Eclipse, I thought 2000 would be the 1st year? Anyway. Best festival ever. Highest production value, best sound system, best music flow, nicest people, lowest sketch factor. Eclipse is amazing every year, and they really topped themselves this year.
  15. voytek

    voytek TRIBE Member

    yup, 99 not 98, the indoor one, at a go-kart rink at which we later played with subsonic and otis... BLA organized a bus trip for that.

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