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DVDs for sale!

terrawrist III

TRIBE Member
$5 unless noted...will be cheaper the more you buy :)

the Sun $8

bamboozled $8

sing a song of sex (chinese rip)

Weezer:video capture device $8

Beastie Boys : Awesome I shot that! $8


Kill Bill $8

Kill Bill 2 $8

Sonny Chiba's STREETFIGHTER saga 4movies on 2 discs $10



Wu Tang Clan: disciples of the 36th chamber concert DVD $10

Ellie Parker


the shape of things

Deathrace 2000/night of the living dead

Incident at Lochness

the Devil's Rejects


Dawn of the Dead(1978) $8

Coming to America

Half Baked

Auto Focus

Land of the dead

Bullet in the head (chinese rip)

Ichi the killer(chinese rip)

Old Boy(chinese rip)

Stray dog(chinese rip)

Throne of blood(chinese rip)

Three Extremes(chinese rip)

take of two sisters(chinese rip)

Lost highway

Dogville(chinese rip)

Saving private ryan

Ninja Scroll

Falling Angels

Spirited Away(chinese rip)

Freddy got fingered

Glengary Glen ross $8


Cabinet of Dr.Caligari

Seven Samurai(chinese rip)

Ran(chinese rip)

Akira Special edition 2 disc $15

David Cross: let america laugh $10

Pee wee's playhouse Xmas special

SNL the best of Alec Baldwin

SNL best of Will Ferrell

the Proposition

Dark Water(chinese rip)

Da Ali G show 2 season 1 double dic $10

Kurt and Courtney

Savage Sisters 4 movies on 2 discs $10

Dennis Miller live in washington

High Art(chinese rip)

War Classics : 12 documentaries on 2 DVDs

WarpVision:the videos 89-04 $12

Def Jux: revenge of the Robots tour DVD 2 disc $12

the Great Yokai War(chinese rip)

Once Upon a time in the West double disc $8

River's edge

Predator(never been watched) $8

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fist of the Northstar(chinese rip)


Robot Carnival(chinese rip)

the Minus man


TRIBE Promoter
i wont crap, but some places do have em for 10, but they are random and few and far between

do you still have predator and coming to america avail still??? is the predator the newer collectors addition?
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terrawrist III

TRIBE Member
there are a few that have dropped signifigantly in price in the last year but the majority are harder to find and pricey if bought new...I doubt that you can even find some of those used at all!

it's weird...someone just scooped up both Predator and coming to America together, sorry :D


TRIBE Member
Where are you located? I'm interested in RoboCop and Ali G (can you clarify the title for that DVD, the 2 and 1 and season and disc is confusing me).
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