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DVD Arsons, your help pls.


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So i'm finally a part of the 'burns dvd coasters' club.

*sigh* oh how i've missed the days of $2.50 coasters.. back when cd-r's were all the rage in storage.

my how times havent changed.

only to make it even more confusing, they've got formats coming out the wazoo.

My big question is, will a modded ps2 (i forgot which chip i have... 5 star or something like that) be able to read my dvd-r's?

i modded my ps2 over a year.. hell almost 2 years ago.... it still works great with all my cd-r games.. but last night i tried my first dvd-r game and it did'nt 'rego'nize'.

So am i going to need a new chip that can read dvd-r's?

Also, what is your preffered media format for ps2?

Also, is anyone interesting in trading on my ftp?


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I was told that ps2's read dvd-r discs.

so i bought a box of 10 memorex dvd-r's

burnt 3 coasters so far.

(altho i'm not yet convinced that my ps2 tigerwoods 2004 is a coaster because it burned without issue)....

i just wish my console would play it. im afraid ill need a new modchip....

phuk.. if i'm gonna get a new modchip for my ps2.. i'd be better off just getting a new xbox with a mod. gtaVC on xbox must be faaking sweet.


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The Memorex should be alright...and yah...I'm pretty sure DVD-R is needed, not DVD+R.

What kind of burner do you have?


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I got a cheap bestbuy packaged brand called I/O magic...

i thought i was getting a deal 8x multiformat for 200 bucks..

but the receipt read 270, and by then i was home and the drive was installed.. so that's what i've got.

it seems alright... i burned tiger woods last night successfully at 1x write speed. heh

i dont mind waiting longer for a dvd that will actually fucking work.

mabie ill try a movie dvdiso tonight.
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