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Dundas Square's NE corner

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is ryerson still going to have access to some of those theatres during the day for lecture spaces? i know that was the plan after many small businesses were forced out in order to pave the way for the lot to sit vacant for five or so years. then amc blew their wad on all their suburban multiplexes and couldn't deliver the downtown location. until now, i guess.


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worst public square ever.

and not because of the ads. although they're gaudy, it's nothing compared to bland design of the square itself
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coming from the perspective of someone who lives and works in the immediate vicinity, all i have to say is this:

i walk past that fucking corner sometimes four times a day on my way to and from work and during lunch - thank jesus that there will finally be room for me to NOT BE PLOWED OVER by other pedestrians, motorists, streetcars and wayward street preaching evangelists.

the fact that it's a gaudy, ad-emblazoned p.o.s. just means that it'll fit in remarkably well with the rest of the corner (and half the stores and customers of said stores in the area)
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well, New York City is one of my favourite places in the entire world...and it reminds me of it...so i like it.


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it's hideous. it's already hideous and adding more visual advertising billboard spooge will only make the area less appealing.

Perhaps they are hoping that with all that visual clutter nobody will notice the shootings and murders.
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