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duncan james & dj nova - natural soul - mp3 dl


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aretha franklin - only thing missin (blaze mix) - arista
barbara walker - saved me - soulshine
overstreet ft sharlene hector - the bottle (richard earnshaw) - sole music
matthias heilbronn - in my life - shazz
kiko navarro - perfect place - flamingo test
rain people ft marcus begg - trippin on your love - soulshine
sunaga t experience - chitose airport (Swag mix) - flower
maxine innis - i appreciate - jellybean
caspe & nathanson - marcello - solu music
natural rhythm - storm bells - earthtones
nature soul - dawn - ibadan


hit it up!
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no but he is a friend of ours!

we hope to one day do a party with the two.

duncan james vs james duncan