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Duncan James - August 2003 pt 2 - cityrhythms.net


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Global Communication The Groove (Original Mix)Dedicated
Stateless Bringin' Me Down Desha Rmx)Freerange rec.
Icognito Get Into My Groove( JAzzanova Regroove)Talkin Loud
Tortured Soul I Might Do Something Wrong (Lonely Mix)Central Park rec.
Llorca pres. Little Computer People Dive (Original Mix)F Com
Incognito On the Road (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)Ibadan
Studio Uno Band Wake Up Time (Original Mix)SN White Label Promo
Second Crusade May The Funk Be With You (Rare Groove Mix)Apricot rec.
Llorca pres. Little Computer People Sabotage (Original Mix)F Com
Corrina Joseph Live Your Life With Me (12" Mix)Phonic Hoop Promo
Atmosphere Motivation (Dimitri's Dubwise Mix)Disorient
Glen Underground Fall'en Rain (Moog Instrumental)Night Life Collective
Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble feat. Xavior Sugar, Baby, Darlin' (Latin Jazz Mix)Soulplanet rec.
Ron Trent "The Session" (12" Mix)Jazzflight Unlimited
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Can I get any of this music or similar jazzy, garagey stuff on cd's to listen to in the car?

gracias :)