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Dubstep mixes


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that's construct, vilify and crew from halifax/montreal.

really lovely bunch.

many in canada focus on the west coast because there are more producers, but that crew as well as freedom danish, living stone, dvd, and a heap of others have been holding it down in the east for a while now.

i'd recommend that podcast for anyone who is into dubstep. those cats are solid.

glych t.anomaly

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yeah they are rock solid.

i have a ton of mixes, literally probably about 20 - 30 GB worth.

id be more than happy to share as i have acquired them from sites and friends, and believe in sharing the wealth.

i am getting ready for work, but will link up some of the places i got some stuff from.

as well, there is actually a decent amount of linked local artist dubstep in the DJ Mixes Room.

LittleSquareDot & Niko - have about 5 mixes in there, as well a couple of mixes by them solely.

and people have linked other not local, but bigger names as well.


glych t.anomaly

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i will also list a bunch of worthwhile artists in here, for those that want to check out some quality music, and know what to look for.

again, once im at work :)

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glych t.anomaly

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Pretty Lights - NYE 2009 - Midnight @ The Vic Theatre

wholy fuck, i have listened to two albums of theirs, and then put this on, and was blown away, i love their other shit, but man, this was just nuts.

i have to see these guys live.

its the sickest amalgamation of a funky blockhead / RJD2 / dj shadow ninja tune / ish et all, and the raw sick DUB that wrecks the first 10 mins of the set.

so crazy. then they count down to new years, play that old cheesy ' celebrate good times c'MON ! '

after thats done, they drop into a clapton intro that flows into a sick chill baseline, and they build and build back to the DUB !



glych t.anomaly

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A real 3rd eye opener...brought to you by the PLUGGED NOT THUGGED blog.

Spyne 40hz - Medication Meditation – Exclusive Mix for PluggedNotThugged.com

1 – Organikismness – Fact
2 – Furesshu - Horizons
3 – Organikismness – Rise
4 – Organikismness & Optimus Gryme – His Masters Voice
5 – Eskmo – Amphibian
6 – Swarms – Separate Sense
7 – Organikismness – Nobody’s on the Moon
8 - Organikismness – Inertia
9 – Calibre – Tenopause
10 – Echo Wanderer – Gham Dub
11 – Youngsta & Kryptic Minds – Surge
12 – Von D – Bon (Distinction Rmx)
13 – EMU – Krishna Dub
14 – TKR – Progress
15 – XI – Light FM
16 – XI – Unfair
17 – RSD – Naked Mario Kart Pt 2
18 – Jack Sparrow – Tormented
19 – Kromestar – Interference
20 – Organikismness – Kinetix

right click save as

Plugged Not Thugged


possibly in less than two days my favoroite mix by Spyne.
amazing tracklist, and as always sooo clean, and ever so bass heavy.

thanks Jon :)


fuck this mix is amazing.



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yup, the new Spyne mix very well suits its title. A great installment from the 40Hz frontman known to always deliver the heavy from all corners of the genre. Amphibian was the first Eskmo tune I had ever heard.

glych t.anomaly

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3 – Organikismness – Rise
17 – RSD – Naked Mario Kart Pt 2

these two tracks really stick out on this mix for me :)

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