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Dubai's Labor Under-Class Riots--at my Dad's construction site!


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**** U P D A T E ****

I heard back from my dad--I'll just post what he wrote:
His writing is kinda staccato:
"Mostly related to changes in busing arrangements. Workers had to wait one hours longer every day, and wanted compensation, some wanted to be able to work overtime, some had accommodation issues - a mixed bag. Not too many details. Not on our site (The Tower and Mall Complex, where Turner is PM and Samsung / Arabtec / Besix J-V are the Main Contractor). The overall site is called The Burj Development, and "our" site is surrounded by other high-rise towers, with other teams involved. The whole lot will be integrated with an artificial lake and fabulous landscaping. And Owner / Developer for it all is Emaar (Google, please).

Back to issue: some will be investigated, and 'instigators / agitators' will do some jail time and then be shipped back home. Mainly Chinese and from the Indian Subcontinent.

Workers are all bused to / from the 'labour accommodation complexes', which are either owned or leased by locals (contractors / developers); meals are prepared within the premisses, and served in canteens. Thus, food & accommodations are "free", and the actual net pay is very low. About $450 / month, most of which is sent 'back home', therever that is, to families."
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**** U P D A T E - I I ****

I replied to him mentioning my observation about racism--and his reply to THAT was a lot more interesting.

Check it out:

"It's not really racism... It's simply taking advantage of the abject poverty of the Indian subcontinent. All Dubai has been built by Indians, Sri Lankans, Philipinos, etc. Many Nationals, as they are called, treat maids as property, particulalrly Philipinas. And, of course, there are many exceptions. Culture is yet to catch up with civilization - wihtout going into semantics... Many middle-class Indians are arrogant, drive insanely, honk everyone and are
very pushy. Strange place... But the upper local crust is different. Takes all kinds..."


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I have a friend from Dubai whose family is Pakistani, and from what I gather, they are well off. I guess there are a few exceptions.

BTW. I <3 google ads:



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R4V4G3D_SKU11S said:
**** U P D A T E ****

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A poignant and salient example of precisely the socio-economic injustices produced by the interaction between capitalism, biggotry, the state's arbitrary monopoly on legitimacy, the management of public perception and the deliberately atomising nature of consumer culture.

Beer is tasty!
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Ditto Much said:
wow this is going to weigh in on me fairly hard. I'm currently in negotiations with a Bank in Dubai in regards to a job.

note to self: place ditto on terrawist watch list. any more names and i'll need a bigger fridge.

i got my eye on you.