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Dub influenced house


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I recently gave a friend a few CD's, and he commented that he really loved the Dub-ish tracks on them. He asked me to find out what labels produce a lot of Dub influenced tracks.

So, seeing as I have no clue, can anyone list some Dub-oriented labels, tracks, etc. so I can pass on the info.




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some dub influenced labels that might be worth checking out are: Tango, Siesta and Elecric Soul which are all labels from the westcoast US.

producers such as Hipp-E and Halo, Master D and Onionz are also sick producers of westcoast funky, minimal, tribal ish "dub style" house. :)

Bloom! Productions

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Worship Recordings (Rob Pain's label)
Buriel Mixes (featuring Tikiman and others)
Mainstreet Recordings
The odd Kenny Hawkes release
Solomonic Sound (Rob Pain...)
Guidance Recordings (more classic dub sounds)

and then, of course, there's the authentics:
Lee Perry, King Tubby, Mad Professor, Bunny Lee...
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