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DSS Help - Looped HU Card

Kid Lax

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I have a looped HU card that a friend gave to me to try and unloop.
Ive tried to unloop it in Extreme HU, Afterburner, and WinExplorer 5 and haven't had any luck.

I can't find any good tutorials online, everything just says "Click unloop in extreme hu", and all the DSS message boards I have in my history don't exist anymore.

How the hell can I get this thing unlooped??


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Some cards just don't work sometimes.

You need a special loader to unloop it. Not just software.

Take it to a sat store(with a commercial unlooper, not a little personal one) and they usually can unloop it for you for $10.


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hmmm.. Xtreme HU should work

make sure your contacts are clean.. you might have to "rinse and repeat" just to get it to work

On another note.. anyone know where I can get an Atmega-128 card?


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I had that once...very annoying..

Do what Jaybrain says - if it loops for a long time, stop, repeat...eventually it will work.