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DSL Users : Bell to double speeds


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Originally posted by deep
No, Bell is uncapped right now. I think they're bumping up the speeds to try and crush the small third party ISP's. Even good ones like Golden are having problems with oversaturated networks, not being able to handle customer load. Bumping up everyone's speeds to 3meg will just make it harder for them to handle bandwidth demands.
Deep is smrt, thank god I switched from Ultra to Basic DSL last week. I've had it since they started it in Guelph so I don't have any contract to break. MUHAHAHAHAH!



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seriously though dude you might want to ease up. I know you're with bell but other ISP's have been red flagging or booting users altogether for consistently using month in month out those kinda numbers

I know bell is saying no caps right now but everyone says that before people start rockin them in bandwidth charges

then out come the caps or revised user policies