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DSF @ reverb


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the DSF party was a pleasant suprise... some great tracks varying from minimal to full on party tunes with some great melodic tracks thrown in for good measure. lots of GMS, lots of talamasca, and lots of oforia... but it all sounds great on that system. that skazi track was insane. i got to the party not having a clue about the djs and was impressed to see the first dj i saw playing the expected minimal techno... but mixing! and the track selection was great! that is just the kind of minimal i want to hear to start off a party and it was on for just the right amount of time. the dj on right after that played the first of the more GMS-y style [but not really mixed, oh well.. twas good music at least]. later on xavier fux took to the decks and i must say i really enjoyed that set. hard and driving party music with so many songs containing great melodies, and the mixing was pretty good. as for the party itself: the crowd was diverse and interesting, and the dancefloor was packed almost non-stop; it was great to see that nearly -everyone- was dancing at points. i'll definatly be back for another, and look forward to seeing dj yaniv on the 26th.. or 25th.. [haha - the date is STAMPED on so its a bit hard to read] i'm glad to have finally attended a great goa party in toronto, without encountering any problems or disappointments! =)


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After BLA I was a little disappointed with this party. The music was wikkid but the atmosphere sucked. When I got there hardly anybody was dancing. It took a while before there were people on the dance floor and even then the majority of the people were sitting down. I ended up leaving around 3am to go check out High Wire at Tropicana. The music there wasn't even half as good but at least people were dancing.


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hey Psycho !!
thats too bad you did not enjoy yourself
i had an excellent time
the music kicked butt
there were some wekkid people out
and i dident stop dancing the whole night
cept when i tried to sit down
and fell into a pile of chairs hahha
ouch the sore spots on my back still hurt

Dj Psi-koTec

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dancing until your sore are the best nights. Glad you had fun. We feel the vibe was pretty cool. We like to have the chairs on the side so people can chill a bit but still listen to musi loud. We also had a chill out room downstairs which was kind hidden. Thanks for the praise and comment to everyone. Peace

Dj Psi-koTec