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*dry mouth* PUBLIC SPEAKING *sweaty palms*


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in highschool, I was a class clown. always trying to make people laugh, singing, flirting, getting all the girls to sit next to me ;) but when it came to standing up and giving a 3 minute presentation, I would become really nervous. all the liquid in my month would go directly to my hands. I would forget everything I had to say. stutter, giggle.... I suck at speaking in public.

On May 4th, I'm standing up beside my sister as her maid of honor, and I have to give a speach to 275 people.

I'm scared.

I'm pissing my pants!

so is there anything I can do? besides champaign? lol
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Say your speech over and over again, until you have it memorized. Then when you say it, you'll feel comfortable with what you're saying and you'll feel more relaxed. Also, it will allow you to be candid and say some things ad lib.

Shannon - you'll do great.

ps. a few drinks will also help.
Sit near her and speak directly at her (or one person in the crowd) and no one else.

Makes a big difference if you speak to one person (don't take your eyes off of them) and wrap up by adressing the crowd at the end.


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uggh I hate it too!
I'm by no means "shy" - but it totally puts me off my game for some reason!
I just start rambling on and on... and start speaking really quickly almost to a point that you can't understand me.
haha - so in a nutshell I hate it and suck at it!

good luck with your speech Shannon :)!
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i have to do the same thing next saturday.. april 20th.. i'm the best man at my brothers wedding and i have to do a speech.. my god...

dunno what to say!



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I just gave the Eulogy at my Dad's Funeral, and I though I was not going to be able to do it, but when time came, I though of the Idea that I am the only one in the room and this is just one more recital, it's my dress rehersal.. and I did it withough thinking of the people in the room.

Well... I did ok, and I'm sure you will do great too.



I do offer Yoda vocal-inflection® lessons for the low low price of $19.99.

And I'll throw in a 6 year new jar of Encore Instant Coffee, as my way of thanking you.


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i graduated. i got a job. and two months later i had to speak at a conference with like 500 people. And i was scared shitless.

So heres how it went. First I had the speech down pat. Second, PACE yourself. third, make eye contact with people but only a certain few. I didnt look around the room i just looked at a few of them. Fourth, have a shot of rum, it helped me. Fifth, BREATHE, dont forget that part.

Sixth, enjoy.



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dman cheeka I forgot about the talking really fast! I do that too! GAH!

thanks for the incouragement guys. I need it!
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I want it to be special. I love my brother in law and I'm scared I'll start crying or some shit.

I'm so happy for them but it also reminds me of how different my wedding's gonna be. *sigh*


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good suggestions by tearer and daddyiwantchocolate!

have a drink or two, (maybe more, I dunno what's comfortable to you) but no more because you'll slur or ramble.

recite the speech to yourself a lot. speak conversationally, like you're just chatting with your sister. look at her the most because you want to see her expressions so you can feed off of her, but remember to acknowledge the crowd from time to time. just a quick look up to them every now and then is fine.

if your speech has comedy, once you get the first laugh the rest is easy.

make sure you have a drink (water or whatever you want) near the podium.

that's all I can think of right now... you'll do fine!

<--- recent best man.


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get really drunk and then start your speech with. a monkey and a priest walk into a bar....

works like a charm.

If you get really nervous.pull your dress up over your head so no one can see you.It works for little girls.

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I hate public speaking as well...haven't had to do a speech or presentation in ages, but I remember that when I did, the following helped...

- keep in mind to slow down...I actually used to write "slow down!!" all over my cue cards/papers :)

- breathe! I find it helps to keep your voice steady and your heart from beating like crazy

- try to have it memorized as best you can, but don't worry if you have to read the whole thing, either...whatever helps you is best

- focus on one or two people if you have to

Good luck!



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create some sort of repor with the audience... I find that once I initiate some sort of interaction with everyone else, I feel less likely to faint

others have told me that valium helps, but since Ive never touched the kife, I wouldnt know

dont be stoned


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I know some of people who are scared of speaking to large audiences, so I can suggest the same things I tell them.

There's a certain amount of arrogance and exhibitionism that goes into speaking to groups of people. If you're the center of attention during those moments, you really have to do a little acting... like... showing off.

I think drinking before these things doesn't work at all.

There are a few things related to showing-off that are common to good speaking, as well. Like, speaking clearly and loudly. You don't want anyone straining to hear you. So practice speaking loud. Even if there's a mic...it's better to be too loud than distant. And don't rush through sentences, but make sure everything is clear. And don't mumble.

And take pauses. I like to have an outline of what I want to say, in very loose terms. Like, a list of major points and notes. When you're at the podium, you can just go over them in the same way you would if you were talking to a friend, very casually. Every once in a while, just pause and think about how you want to proceed.

If you try humor, and it doesn't work... well, you could be worse of than when you began. But injecting some confidence into the performance (!), even if it's artificial, will probably hold an audiences attention. And you'll most likely feel better about your speech in the end, as well.

Speak clearly, take your time and approach it with an attitude.

And break a leg.

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nothing can ever prepare you for public speaking better than reciting your bar mitzvah portion. singing a 15 minute piece in ancient Hebrew to a packed synagogue, when you're 13 and your voice is cracking......it's easier after that. :cool:


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Don't try to memorize your speech. If you get up there, expecting to remember it word for word and then miss a word, you'll make yourself uncomfortable. I did a presentation a month or so ago and tried, beyond my better judgement, to memorize it. I stumbled on a sentence, and messed myself up for the rest of the presentation.

You will be most comfortable if you know what you're going to say, but not to the word. You need to be comfortable with your message, but dont memorize it. Remember that you're (hopefully!) comfortable speaking to these people face to face. This is the same thing.

Stay relaxed...that's key. You'll do great!



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Just don't blurt out "omg I'm so nervous", because I did that and then everyone just focused on my nervous energy. Usually people can't tell if your scared, so be confident, relaxed and cool*:cool:


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Yeah, do NOT try to memorize it :)

This is not a good idea for the majority of people, especially if they are nervous public speakers.

I used to try to memorize my presentations/speeches in middle school/high school, but after taking a few courses where I had to present very often (business) I've picked up a few things.

Memorizing could get you through with it, but it's pretty risky. If you mess up on one thing, you start to panick and sweat and stumble around over what you're going to say next. Sometimes it takes a while to get back to the spot that you were at, and that's not very good.

The best thing to do is to think of some major points, maybe jot them down, and just talk about each topic. Since you seem to love your sister and your future brother in law very much, it shouldn't be difficult to have your nice thoughts about them flow out smoothly since it's all coming from the heart.

Hope that helps!

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