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drunken russian politician to serve full sentence


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remember that russian diplomat who drove drunk and killed that lady in Ottawa? Well he has to serve his full sentence in Russia, as just ruled by the courts over there.


Knyazev was found guilty of "involuntary manslaughter" under Article 264, part 2, of the Russian Criminal Code, which mandates a maximum sentence of five years in prison followed by a three-year suspension of driver's licence

Looks like 'justice' prevails here at least.

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The Watcher

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I'm from Ottawa, and it's a town filled with Cars with Red Liscense Plates.

Most Diplomats are very nice and curteous, but others abuse of the Immunity that comes with their position and do what ever they want.

At least this shows that they are not as powerful as they think.


Klubmasta Will

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wtf? foreign diplomats are supposed to be able to do whatever the hell they want without consequences. this was the entire premise behind the evil white south african diplomat in 'lethal weapon 2' who sold massive amounts of drugs, killed dozens of police officers, murdered liam gallagher's future wife and pumped martin riggs full of lead.

who knows how far he would have gone if murtaugh didn't shoot him in the forehead.

"diplomatic immunity!"
"it's just been revoked."
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I think this incident is an important reminder that diplomatic immunity simply prevents foreign officials from being prosecuted in Canada, but they can still be held accountable for criminal activity back in their home country. Diplomatic immunity is not a get-out-of-jail free card.