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Drugs Now Legal If User Is Employed


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"There's no point going after some cardiac surgeon who needs some speed to keep him sharp," Hutchinson said. "That's not what the law was intended to prevent."



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sorry for my ignorance, but this is a joke a right?.....
Just doesn't sound real or completely professional. It would be sweet, but not likely true.
is the onion.com an actual news site or just a hoaks site like weekly world news?
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ive been reading theonion for years... ohhh the sarcasm!!!

they did a book, 'this dumb century' with ironic observations throughout the 1900s. for history buffs its a necessity!!

the headline for Sept. 1, 1939 reads: "Hitler Neutralises Polish Menace" ~ with a pic of a robust german soldier up against the black demon which is poland ~
'its funny, because its true' :D


Bwhahahaha, this week's infographic on KMart is too fuckin good.

The place for shotguns, soda and sweatpants

The gay abortion opinion window is great too.

"The last thing we need is to put children in the hands of people who actually want them."