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Droppin Beats 8


TRIBE Member
man i wish there were more old school parties like this
check all your vinyl that came out after 96 at the door - it was a sick sick night of beats last night in the Opera House.
Aside from my little brush with security (who were just doing there job and did it very well and were quite nice about it) i thought this party was flawless.
Best set of the night in my opinion goes to Medicine Muffin, and the most overdressed MC of the night goes to Special K - Wasn't he boiling hot with that jacket on all night?!
anyway, who else was there? and what did you think?

ecstasy riot

TRIBE Member
I wanted to go really bad. But alas the Tribe 8 year was awaiting, and I would not miss that for the world, and they said there would be oldskool sets which were dissapointing.

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