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Droppin Beats 7

ecstasy riot

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HOLY SHIT!!!!!! I have not stayed till the end of of party in a long time, over a year for sure.
Oh my god! Danced my ass off the whole nite to Syda, Navigator.
Jo Jo Rock was nothing special, but MARCUS spun an amazing morning jungle set.
I still haven't slept and am in such a great jungle sunny mood.

The crowd was wicked, except for a few bad apples. The music sets were so consistent.

Amazing times with amazing people.



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My craving for a bangin' jungle party was definitely fulfilled at Empire's 7th Droppin' Beats series: "Clash of the Titans." I have been to quite a few Empire parties, but never been to a Droppin' Beats event. Glad to say that it was a wikkid party and will definitely be checkin' out another DB party for sure.

I honestly wasn't expecting too much from this party being it at the Opera House. I'm not big on small parties, but I think this party changed it for me. The venue had the perfect capacity, not too rammed but still full of junglists. Enough space to dance throughout the whole nite. A VIP 19+ balcony section. Not to mention the friendliest security I have encountered in my brief 2 years of partying. (smiling and talking to the partiers while doing their job)

Dappa & MC Trajedy held things proper opening up the nite. Ruckus & Caddy Cad rinsed out a few new tunes as well as a few classics. Lush definitely had the set of the nite IMO. Flawless mixing from start to finish. His Champion Sound teaser into Up All Night and finishing off with Casino Royale was a definite rush. Female headliner Jo Jo Rock surprised me with lotsa amens and some nice mixing. MC Navigator was his usual and MC Spyda's premier debut in Toronto was received well.

Big up Ruckus and all Empire crew. Keep it up!

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ecstasy riot

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I had an stellar 4 star evening.
Got there a quarter way through Jo Jo Rocks set. Her track selection wasn't what I was looking for but Spyda and Navigator were AMAZING! Medicine Muffin and Marcus rocked the house till 6am< the locals always shine through at Empire parties, they know what Toronto wants. I can't believe I stayed till the end. I haven't done that in almost a year, AND I danced the whole night!

What really impressed me was the huge Droppin' Beats tapestry behind the stage and the Candles up front. It looked really really nice. Exciting.

The only complaint I had was that I heard 2 tracks get played 4 times, 3 tracks get played 3 times and 4 tracks get played twice. Listen to each others sets geez.

The party and the people I was with, made my night, and made me happy that I chose Empire to be the first party I have been to since January.

It's all about Friendlyman.