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Dress Code @ Court


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I have to go to Court soon as a witness for the prosecution in a trial. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what is appropriate to wear?

Should I dress formally and wear a shirt and tie, or could I just wear jeans a nice collared shirt?


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i wore normal clothes to my ticket hearing, but they let me off cuz i threw my keys through the metal detector at city hall and it didn't go off. i forgot about that until recently though.

anyways, if you want them to take you seriously, you have to dress up. what's the trial about?


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black dress pants, white socks, runners. A T-shirt you picked up from a 2-4 of molsen, and one of those bucket hats to boot. I usually like to wear a fat-ass gold chain around my neck and of course my ehco hoodie. Gang colours a must... the thing is you wanna get on the judges good side...

Peace & love. D


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I've been in criminal court rooms several times, on many different sides of the room.

Criminals facing big time charges dress everywhere from sweatpants and a beer t-shirt to tuxedo. There's no dress code.

As a witness, wear a pair of slacks and a button-down shirt. Nothing else is required.