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Drea's bday.. Sound of the Pirates


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Well Tribe crew where you at? Don't forget to tell us this weekend if you bday is in the later half of the month to get in for a little cheaper (5$ ID confirmation provided :D )

Who be ready to rip it up?

This sat 26th at the lab for those who are curious!
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Yes yes - Delfino, Drea, DeepSix, Green Olive - we're all born in this auspicious time of year!

So for all y'all born in the last week of October/first week of November, bring ID and you'll get in for $5 all night long! ;)

Big it up Libras/Scorpios ;)

Holla if this means you! We'll put your name on the concession list.


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Hey speaking of birthdays
wade... um ... the 31st... aahem ... hehe! wow i didnt even think of that ;) I almost forgot about his halloween bUrf-Day

So that should be two so far ......So what kinda shooters YOU like Drea? hehe

teehee, cant wait !
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yay bdays all around... :) looks like this nights gonna be a crazy one. i will try hard to dip only a bit into the sauce, haha ya right I can't wait 4 more sleeps :D
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Woops accidently bumped the party thread but it was meant for this thread...

yeah there is going to be cake for those who get their early and the dj's? lol

The Electrician

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Well the parrty is this week.. it's going to be a blow out!

get there early and come prepared to drink... :)

Come check out the new lighting and what not...

the place looks sooo good now...



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I'll be there, can't wait!!!!!

Atom's coming too, sooo many blunts need to be burned. I guess I'll have to bring a warm coat.

Peace Ira
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