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Dream interpretaion


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Does anyone know of a good source for figuring out what your dreams "supposedly" mean. I have been having some bizarre dreams that involve people from my past that have no connection to each other, and want to find out more. Thanks!:)

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There are none unless you want to read those hokey books about dreams.

Freud wrote a really neat chapter on dreams. But that's just a basis for your own interpretations.

By the way, if there was a snake in your dream, you want PENIS.


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You can find some good dream books in chapters - i had a really good one once and it was not direct dream interpretation talked more about different states of sleeping - and went into out of body experience. I forget the name of it.

maybe if you post one of your dreams i can attempt to interpret it?
usually dreams are a lot more simple to interpret then then you may think.
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The symbolism contained in dreams is so personal and convoluted that it is impossible to give anything but the most general guidelines for their interperetation. If you find yourself reading shit like "dreaming your teeth are fallin out means that you will have a family member die soon" you're on the wrong track.

I recommend using C. G. Jung as a starting point :)


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I had a dream where I had a house party and it wen't insane, I got into a fist fight with my best friend. I couldn't handle that many people in my crib I guess.


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I have been having dreams lately that I am in a futbol field kicking the ball around in a game and making good plays with other futbol players. Then this intense plays happens and then I wake up.

But recently I have been stressed out and whenever I get stressed out I just go to they gym or go out for a jog. Which I haven't been able to do.
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When I get stressed out I start having really stupid dreams that make me anxious, they usually involve people from my past who I haven't seen in like 10 years.



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Originally posted by funky_citrus
Does anyone know of a good source for figuring out what your dreams "supposedly" mean.

a psychotherapist. your dreams are formulated with a unique formula that no book could possibly know.
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The Tesseract

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I had a weird dream last night.

Some dude took offense to me looking at his car and decided to fight me. He threw a punch and i did that aikido thing where you pull the fist and follow through.

I don't know what it means... I don't take Aikido.