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'DREAM IN HIGH PARK' (Shakespeare) Volunteers Needed


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Hey, theatre buffs/thespians!

CanStage TD Dream in High Park
William Shakespeare's COMEDY OF ERRORS.
Are you 16 or older and interested in theatre?

If you want to do something fun, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

Toronto's popular pay-what-you-can annual outdoor entertainment, Dream In High Park runs from Tuesday June 27th to Sunday September 3rd, 2006. Over 150 volunteers add their enthusiasm every year to help make this a magical Shakespearean experience. You will meet many new friends, and there are 10 volunteers per shifts! And you can encourage your friends to sign up for the same shifts as you! Shifts are at most 3 hours, from 5:45 p.m. - 8:45 p.m. We ask that you help us by committing to 5 shifts during the summer.

REWARD: You get to see the play for free. This year's play is William Shakespeare's COMEDY OF ERRORS + Hours are recorded upon request to apply towards High School community hours!

Date: Sat. June 17th: Open to everyone over 16
Time: 1:00 pm sharp. Please allow up to 2 hours to hear about volunteer positions and to sign up) Please bring your schedule for the summer and a pen, a resume, and two teacher, volunteer or work (phone) LOCATION: CanStage TD Dream In High Park Stage:

The CanStage TD Dream In High Park site is located just east of the Grenadier Restaurant, almost in the centre of the park. Parking within the park is available at the Grendadier Restaurant and at the points designated by the Ps. BY TTC: On the Bloor/Danforth subway line, get off at the High Park stop. You can also get to the site from the College 506 streetcar, which enters the park at the junction of Howard Park Avenue and Parkside Drive OR from the Queen 505 streetcar which runs along the south end of the park.

Questions? Please contact Bob McCarthy by calling 416-367-8243 (ext. 252) or email: bobmccarthy@canstage.com Website:www.canstage.com

Bob McCarthy
Manager of Volunteer Resources and Interns, CanStage
phone: 416-367-8243 ext. 252 / fax: 416-367-1768
email: bobmccarthy@canstage.com
website: www.canstage.com
CanStage, 26 Berkeley St.,Toronto, ON M5A 2W3
To join the Weekly OPPORTUNITIES group email broadcast of job & intern postings with weekly list of CanStage volunteer opportunities please email bobmccarthy@canstage.com
Use the subject header: Att: Opportunities Signup
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