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Dragon Breath!

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Don't you hate it when employees you work with have bad ass breath every day. I just feel like putting a bottle of scope on there desk before they get to work with a note saying "here from your fellow co-workers".

Lee <--- Can't handle bad breath!


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Just tell them straight up ... slip it into a conversation
It could go sometihng like this

You: Hey Bob, how about the weather today?
Bob (aka assbreath): Yea I'm loving it, it's so nice and sunny outside
You: I can't wait until the summer. Damn I love the summer
Bob: So do I
You: you know what else I love?
Bob: What?
You: Personal Hygiene
Bob - Looks confused
You: You know ... like having a shower and oh let's say brushing your teeth
Bob - Still looks confused
You: Think about it Bob ... think about it


poker face

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lol, I don't think I can do it!

Our Head IT guy last year had the worst BO ever and no one ever said a thing!

So I am not going to be the first!
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